5 Things I Do to Keep My Husband’s Health on Track

5 Things I Do to Keep My Husband’s Health on Track – Outdoor camping trips are great to break the monotony of daily life! One of my husband’s colleagues often go on trekking and outdoor camping trips, and after every trip, he always shows us the photographs and share his experience with us. All those inspired us big time, and we also decided to go for our first ever outdoor camping trip. But it hasn’t happened yet! And a major reason behind is my husband’s health condition! Not just trekking, but there were few other things that took the backseat for the same reason! And I knew I had to do something, and here I am going to share 5 Things I Do to Keep My Husband’s Health on Track.
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5 Things I Do to Keep My Husband’s Health on Track

When we are single, it is easy to focus on our personal health. But after marriage, taking good care of family health becomes very important. During our courtship days, I have always seen my husband (then boyfriend) very lively and active and it used to feel like getting tired is impossible for him. We got married and eventually became parents. As a mother, my kid’s health became my priority and somewhere, my husband’s health probably got ignored!

I didn’t realize about the same until I noticed how quickly my husband was getting exhausted few months ago. He used to look so tired and lethargic in the evening. I literally had to pull him up from the sofa. I could see how his busy professional life has taken a toll on his health!

Because of long working hours, sometimes it became impossible for him to have his meal on time, and even had to skip his meals often. In fact, the weekends were of no respite, because of client calls and other professional commitments.

Even if, by chance, he managed to get a work-free weekend, it was impossible to make him agree to go out. His social life was hampering. He started to avoid social gatherings, because he just wanted to have some rest! Our dream of going for our first ever trekking was also taking backseat.

My husband is a hardworking professional, and he must stay healthy and active, to balance his work-life and family-life. But exactly the opposite was happening with us.

It wasn’t easy to deal with. I wanted my husband to be healthy, lead a great social life and also spend quality time with us. Here are five things that I started doing to keep my husband’s health on track.


Protinex is a very popular health supplement. I had a chat with my husband’s trekking-lover friend (the one whom I talked about earlier). He is in the same profession, so I was eager to know the ‘secret’ how he stays so fit and active! And he recommended me Protinex.

Protinex is fortified with the right amounts of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and zero trans-fats. It has Hydrolysed Protein and is easy to digest. Being a great source of protein but low in fat, Protinex helps to maintain a lean body mass.

What is Hydrolised Protein?

There are two major forms of protein found in nutritional supplements – Intact protein and Hydrolysed protein. Intact protein contains large peptide chains, whereas Hydrolysed protein is made up of mostly di and tri peptides. These two proteins vary in absorption and digestion process.

Intact protein has to go through a number of steps before it converts in to amino acids and enters the blood stream, whereas, Hydrolysed protein, on the other hand, is broken down in to amino acids easily and enter the blood stream. To put it simply, Hydrolysed protein is easily absorbed in the body and we can feel the benefits faster. Protinex Original is one of the leading health supplements that contain Hydrolysed protein.

Regular consumption of Protinex helps to build stamina, promotes immunity and also aids in faster recovery from illness. Along with protein, Protinex also contains Vitamin A, B, C and E, as well as minerals, like calcium and iron.

Upon hearing about this wonderful supplement, I decided to replace my husband’s morning tea with a glass of Protinex. It’s been almost 3-4 months, and I have started to see the results. My husband feels more energetic now and it has become easier for him to manage his day-to-day responsibilities.

Making Healthier Food Choice along With Protinex

Besides replacing his morning tea with Protinex, I have also made few other changes to his diet. He now takes sprouts and seeds as his mid-day snacks. I have started to add more fruits and veggies to his meals. Reduced salt intake is also important.

Exercise Together

Since we both lead a busy professional time, so it is a little tough to spend quality time together. Of late, we have started to exercise together. And it was a great idea! Working out together is a great bonding experience, we realized. And, sometimes we give each other a healthy competition as well!

Getting Enough Sleep

My husband has this habit of working late nights. But now I make sure that he goes to sleep by 10:30 pm, or maximum by 11. To stay healthy, it is very important to get a proper amount of sleep. In fact, going to bed early helps him to get up an hour earlier and I have seen how wonderfully it allows him to manage his daily work without any chaos.

Regular Check-ups

Men are known to be less frequent visitors to the doctors, and my husband is no exception as well. He always makes sure that we go for check -ups regularly, but he himself is reluctant to do the same. Now, I have decided that I will schedule doctor appointments for him and will make sure he never misses any.

Thankfully, my husband’s health has improved a lot and we are seriously planning for our first trekking tour. A big THANK YOU to Protinex, otherwise it would have been far more difficult to get my husband’s health on track. Have you tried this health supplement? Let us know below.

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