5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at Home

5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at Home – We love unexpected holidays, especially if it’s for more than a day. But the prospect of staying home for a longer period of time can be a bit scary, more so if it is for any health issue. We feel a bit bored, anxious and experience mood-swings. And a good way to overcome these negative feelings is to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. We have so much time in our hands now and rather than spending all the time watching movies or binge watching your favorite TV shows, why not utilize this time for our mental and physical well-being? Yes, we are confined at home now, but who said you can’t lead a healthy life at home? Find out below 5 simple ways to stay healthy at home.
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5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at Home

Eat Healthy

Just because we are at home 24×7, doesn’t mean we can only munch on oily snacks and spicy foods or overly sweet desserts. Once in a while, they are okay, but it is very important to eat healthy in order to stay healthy at home. Eating healthy will not only keep you physically fit, but it will help with your mental well-being as well.

Science proves, a healthy diet not only keeps us protected against chronic illness, but also reduce the risk of obesity and anxiety.

You don’t have to follow any particular diet, simply increase your daily intake of fruits, veggies, whole grains and wholesome foods.

Avoid processed foods, and most importantly, stay away from smoking and consumption of alcohol to reduce stress.

Build Immunity

These days there are many health issues and rising infections around us, it is very important to build your immunity. Immunity is our inner strength that helps us fight diseases and infections. Research says that, eating protein rich foods in a balanced diet can help build stronger immunity.

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Protinex, is one of the leading health drink brands that have recently introduced their variant Protinex Tasty Chocolate to me and I’m totally loving it! It is the best way to stay healthy with savoring yummy chocolaty taste.

My husband and I have replaced our morning tea with a glass of Protinex now. It has now become “a not to miss item” of my monthly grocery list.

It has a nice blend of 25 essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin C which are known to make your immunity strong on regular consumption of it. Besides that, this drink provides you important minerals like Zinc and Calcium as well and we all know how important are these for healthy well-being.

Being low in fat, it doesn’t add up to our calories, and another great benefit is that a glass of Protinex Tasty Chocolate keeps you full for a longer time due to its high protein content, which means no more binge eating of oily snacks and junk!

Besides healthy balanced diet we need to take care of our sleep patterns too. It’s very important to have a sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours when it comes to proper functioning of our immune system and to keep our mind and body fit and fresh.

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Sweating it Out

If you want to stay healthy and active at home, start working out regularly. Science has established this fact that regular exercising is important to keep ourselves happy and healthy.

Exercise helps our brain to release certain feel-good hormones in our body that help us to feel better and also reduces anxiety, tension and depression. Physical activity also makes us have sound sleep as well.

The gyms are shut now, but the online classes are going on! Find a suitable one for yourself on any fitness app or YouTube or any other streaming service.

To start with, you can opt for the free classes. You can have a 20 to 30 minutes session every morning, or as per your convenience and comfort, you can break it up in two 10 to 15 minutes session – one in the morning and another in the evening.

You can keep yourself healthy just by going up and down the stairs inside your home, or you could try spot running, jumping jacks, or few squats. Simple, isn’t it?

Calm Your Mind

For a healthy well-being it is important to have a sound mind. Our mind has a strong connection with our body and it is impossible to stay healthy with an unhealthy mind.

Calm your mind, because otherwise, you won’t be able to engage yourself in any other activity. You might find yourself getting exhausted quickly or having frequent mood-swings.

To get back your peace of mind, do whatever it takes even if it means to stop watching daily news and avoid daily newspaper. Once there is an emergency going on, it is quite natural that everywhere, everyone will talk about that one particular thing and not all the time, you might feel okay with that.

Once you feel restless, engage yourself in calming activities, like meditation, pranayama, reading, sewing, gardening, or just a short walk in the garden, or some cooking etc.

Lead an Active Life to Stay Healthy at Home

Just because we are having so much time in our hands now, we shouldn’t opt for an idle life. Wake up at the same time, do a bit of workout, take shower, have a tasty and healthy breakfast, play with your kids, do take part in household chores – just keep yourself busy, but in a good way.

Yes, you can’t go out now for shopping, or brunch dates, and doing your usual activities, but still you can lead an active lifestyle while staying indoors. We know it is tempting to stuck on bed for hours, but science says that being active has a positive effect on our overall mood.

Having a healthy body and a sound mind help you to feel calm and controlled during uncertain times. And these were five simple ways to stay healthy at home that my family and I try to follow. Hope you found it helpful.

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