5 Simple Treatments for Hair Growth

A woman is an asset in herself and her luscious locks are as precious as she is. Hair beauty and health are given prime importance for the same reason. Since childhood mothers do every possible thing from oiling to massage to regular packs and what not so that her child grows up with precious locks. However once people get busy in their lives with career and other likely commitments hair care is the last thing they can think of. Besides lifestyle unhealthy eating habits, stress, late nights, inadequate sleep, pollution worsen the condition. Without much care the ultimate result turns out to be dull rough or thinning hair which plays an obstacle to self confidence and much more. Thus one hard learnt lesson is that looking after the tresses are as important as anything. Here are some simple and fuss free treatments which worked amazingly in boosting my hair health or Hair growth.

5 Simple Treatments for Hair Growth

  1. Steam Therapy for Hair Growth

This is the method which most of us have experienced at fancy parlors but at a hard pocket pinch. Steam works wonders as it awakens the follicles and any product applied before or after this gets absorbed faster and better. As we all know that as our scalp is waterproof so only oils or other heavy products actually get soaked into the scalp. This therapy can be done in two different ways. At first apply hair oil or hair lotion on the scalp and hair. In order to take steam one can do it in either ways.

  • Take a tumbler of hot water or a facial steamer and cover yourself with a towel in such a way that the steam can be easily inhaled and not let to escape. Just simply do the inhale exhale thing. Remember the water should only be hot to a tolerable level as excessive steam can also do more harm than good.
  • Another simpler method of doing this is to dip a towel in hot water and squeeze out the excess water from it. Use this towel to wrap it around your head for the next few minutes and repeat few more times till the warmth is present in the towel.

With the hair oil or lotion having applied prior to intake of steam, the follicles open up and this lets the product get absorbed into the scalp and it works multiple times better. Besides hair the steam also helps to open up the pores of the skin and clears it off dirt and grime if a cleansing procedure is followed along.

  1. Hair Mask for Hair Growth

Hair masks play an important role in boosting the hair growth by providing essential nutrients at one go. This is the reason why every hair spa or hair maintenance routine includes a recipe hair pack for sure. Hair packs can be of many types from clarifying the scalp to adding body to aiding in growth of hair to keeping dandruff at bay etc. One should chose hair pack depending upon their hair type whether it is oily or dry or normal. Over the years the hair mask which worked wonders for my hair is Protein hair mask. Hair itself is made of a protein named Keratin, no wonder an extra dose of protein works nothing less than a miracle. Eggs are heavily loaded with protein and I use the same.

  • Take two eggs for waist length hair and beat them into a nice consistency. Add two teaspoons of your favorite hair oil and mix the duo. In order to cut down on the smell add any essential oil of your choice, I prefer lavender. Using a color brush and apply it thoroughly from scalp to ends. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash and condition as usual.
  • Women with excessively dry hair can also add half part of honey to the above mixture for extra conditioning.
  • Women who are not allergic to henna can also apply one henna pack once a month. Henna preferably natural consists all good ingredients required to grow hair longer and stronger. Dip henna in tea or coffee overnight. Add a little curd and few drops of oil for an extra conditioning effect.
  1. Vitamin E for Hair Growth

The benefits of vitamin E for skin and hair is not a secret anymore. Being an anti-oxidant it increases the blood circulation. Besides it boosts immunity power too. Vitamin E supplements are inexpensive and easily available too. Just cut open two vitamin E capsules and add it to your hair oil and apply. This gives stronger and healthier hair. One can also consume Vitamin E tablets with doctor’s advice for quick results especially in case of thinning hair.

  1. Hot Oil Massage for Hair Growth 

Hot oil treatment is an alternative to steam therapy as the latter is not fuss free. Most of us are busy in our lives in some way or other plus steam is not something which can be used every day to boost hair health. Thus a quick alternative is to heat the oil before application.

  • Just microwave the required quantity for a minute or two and apply the oil onto the scalp using a cotton ball or simply finger tips. Once the scalp and length is covered just massage the scalp with fingers tips using light pressure. This increases blood circulation and makes hair healthier too.
  • Take Amla hair oil and warm it. Add half part of rosemary oil and apply generously to the scalp and hair and wash it off after half an hour. This treats dandruff and eliminates the number of strands you lose every day.
  1. Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Last but not the least are home remedies which are inexpensive and not messy at all. This section is especially for girls who have oily scalp and sometimes oiling gives them hair fall. I know many of you find this peculiar but this is true, it really happens. Some simple home remedies are:

  • Apply fresh onion juice to the scalp. The onions required are small red onions. Wash it off after 30 minutes with a mild shampoo.
  • Garlic juice can also be used instead of onions. Garlic and onion effectively fight fungal infections and provide essential nutrients to the roots.
  • Apply fresh aloe vera gel and wash it off after 20 minutes.
  • Using a dropper and apply castor oil in drops on bald patches. Castor oil is said to regrow lost hair.

Besides these simple remedies a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and a regular yoga or exercise routine are inevitable for beautiful and strong hair. Cut down on smoking, alcohol and fried plus junk food and your hair will thank you for this sacrifice in the long run 🙂

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