5 Shaving Myths Busted

Hello Girls 🙂 Today My post is about 5 Shaving Myths Busted. So girls few days before I asked many girls that what they preferred to remove body hair and Mostly or maximum girls said that waxing!! and we all knows that waxing method to remove body hair is very painful as compare to shave but still many girls go for waxing. So basically in India there are lots of myths about shaving and Today I am going to bust all those myths to give you a painless hair removing method by razor. SO lets move on check below post for more.

Shaving Myths7

As we all knows that Shaving is one of the easiest ways to get rid of body hair. So with help of Gillette Venus Razor , I would love to make this experience better, shaving has become the ‘go-to’ way to remove excess hair. However, there are still some tales  around that makes us worry every time we decide to shave our legs.

Shaving Myths6

MYTH 1 :

Shaving Provides short term and long term skin benefits. It essentially exfoliates the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells, and smooths the skin. And back to the blade again, a fresh blade is key as it provides just enough friction to gently but effectively glide over the skin to remove hair and dead skin cells. A dull blade will cause too much friction and tug at the skin, removing cells that aren’t ready to be removed, causing irritation.

Shaving Myths1


You can shave your unwanted hair any time and anywhere and their is not any rule that I should not have too frequently shave. As per my comfortableness I can shave any time so here again 2 myth busted.

Shaving Myths2

MYTH 3 :

Think again! Your hair grows at different rates depending on your age & gender. Your hair grows back the same colour as it’s naturally but might appear darker as it’s short. Also, different areas react in different ways to hair removal. For a smoother shave, exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells.

Shaving Myths3

MYTH 4 :

This pack comes with 3 more blades so you can change it easily. and one blade goes very long to use so again this myth busted.
Shaving Myths4


The growth of your hair is determined by your genes & hormones. Short & stumpy hair will always feel coarser and darker. However, once it grows back, it turns lighter.

Shaving Myths5

As per me shaving is my skin’s best friend! Shaving helps skin feel smooth by whisking away my top layer of dead skin.

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Hope this post helps you to bust all your myths of shaving 🙂

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  1. Very informative Kiran! But my mom always says that once shaved the new hair will be very brittle and that will hurt. Is this also a myth??

  2. Even I was not very comfy with shaving but this post definitely helpd change my opinion ?

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