5 Rules of Contouring

5 Rules of Contouring – Hello girls, hope you all are doing well these days. Here I am back with a new post where I will be talking about 5 Rules of Contouring. I have loved contouring process but seriously it took many years to master the tricks. Every woman would love to look gorgeous and flawless while she steps out and one basic process that can help her achieve radiant skin is contouring. Good contouring is actually the most inseparable part of our lives and hence every woman must master this skill. In this post we have talked about few rules of contouring. Whether you want to just try the contouring technique or want to master it, you should follow these golden rules to achieve a beaming skin. Trust me girls, these tricks are easy and also helps to give you flawless looking skin easily. So lets get started with 5 Rules of Contouring.

5 Rules of Contouring

5 Rules of Contouring

Choose the Perfect Tone

Here goes the first rule of contouring. You should choose the perfect tone of your foundation because it is very important to suit your skin type and skin color. Generally, woman thinks taking a shade lighter than their actual complexion can make them look brighter but the fact is it can actually look bad on your face. You should opt for natural shadows that have neutral shades because it goes well with all type of complexions.

Never Use Shimmer

You should avoid using shimmer while contouring because it may make your face look cakey and also would give you an unhealthy glow. Generally use foundation or loose powder that has tiny shiny particles in it so that it does not look artificial over face but the best trick to perfect contouring should include using perfectly matte finish powder and creams so that it highlights your face well.

Blending Properly

You can use socks to blend the foundation because it helps to do this process effortlessly. Socks do not soak the foundation in fact it makes the process easy and quicker. If not socks, you should make use of foundation brushes so that the foundation and eye shadow blends properly with the skin. Whether you are actually using a sponge or angled brush, you should do try to blend it perfectly through edges.

Rules of Contouring

Highlight Properly

The key to perfect contouring is to highlight properly because only then your face can look flawless and radiant. Once you have contoured your skin next most important step to do is highlight your skin properly because only then your features would be highlighted. Highlighting is generally opposite to contouring and should be done properly.

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Last Check

Before you step out of home, it is important to check yourself once in light because you will be able to see contouring perfectly. Also you can correct the mistakes or flaws if any and try to perfect it once again. Head yourself close to mirror once again because this will avoid you from getting bad comments later.

Did anyone of you try contouring before? On my side, yes I am doing this with perfection now but I have really spent enough of years to master the skill. What do you think about these 5 Rules of Contouring ? Do share your views below 🙂

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