5 Products for Best Eyebrows Look

5 Products for Best Eyebrows Look – Hi BHBians So, how are you all? I am great. But since the time I have landed in Delhi. I have observed girls having a very impeccable sense of styling. I have seen girls having very attractive facial features. So, I will share my post about 5 Products for Best Eyebrows Look. Now, once I was observing a girl while one of my market outings and I had a major girl crush on her. I kept observing her face and then suddenly I witnessed a thing which was like standing out in her face and which was building her entire personality. Do you know what that was? Keep guessing. Her eyebrows. Her eyebrows were really thick and black. And do you know her eyebrows were not that perfectly groomed. They were completely unkept. But they looked very attractive and yet very easily wearable. Later, when I returned home I researched a lot on internet and came to know that eyebrows really frame your face and make up your personality. You can see the examples of our one of the most beautiful bollywood heroines like – Deepika Padukone, Aishwariya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and just look at their eyebrows. The eyebrows really form a very important part of your face. So, that’s how I decided it’s high time to start taking care of your eyebrows. So, now once you are decided that you need to maintain and groom your eyebrows. Let’s find out what are the important products that is a “MUST HAVE” for your eyebrows. Let’s see the post- 5 Products for Best Eyebrows Look.

5 Products For Best Eyebrows Look

5 Products for Best Eyebrows Look

Apply Brow Pencils –

Brow Pencils

Brow pencils come handy at the time of eyebrows emergency. You have over plucked your brows or they are in the wrong shape then brow pencils come at your rescue. You can add a dose of drama with it. You can stretch your eyebrows to different directions with this one. So, a brow pencil is a must buy if you are looking for good eyebrows.

Use Tweezers –


Tweezers is one of the must have products for eyebrows. Whenever you are getting ready for some special occasion and you are all dolled up and suddenly you see some unwanted and unruly hairs cropped up and they are disrupting the entire shape of your eyebrows and your face too. That is the time when you need this quick fix. This makes your job pretty faster and neat too.

Apply Brow Color –

Apply Brow Color

Since I have very thin and sparse eyebrows so I always look for something which will dense my eyebrows. I keep looking for things which will make my eyebrow look fuller and then give a stronger frame and appearance to my face. That is when I heard of brow colors. Choose any brow color matching to your eyebrow hairs. For Indian skin tones brown go best. Don’t ever go for the black one they look very unnatural and harsh.

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Apply Brow Brush –

Brow brush

what do you do with your baby eyebrow hairs? Sometimes when you are in the midst of your threading interval then little hairs keeps on coming and you just don’t know what to do with them. That is the time when you realise you should have owned a brow brush. So, brow brush is required mostly to tame your eyebrow hairs.

Apply Brow Gel –

Brow Gel

And last but not the least when you are done with all this brow prepping and all. It is the time for brow gel. You need to finish up your eyebrows. And the final touch to your eyebrows is in the shape of the brow gel. They will bring shine and finish to your brows.

So, that was all the products you need in your eyebrow kit. Just own these 5 Products for Best Eyebrows Look and your brows will be set for lifetime. Let me know if you liked the article in the comments down below.

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Pallavi Lives in the shopaholic Delhi. Yes, she is a big shopaholic and movie freak too. she loves fashion and styling too. But her makeup is limited to kohl s and lipsticks. they are her safe choices. But she is learning to expand her horizon. she loves trying different skin care products too.

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