5 New Age Eye Wear Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

5 New Age Eye Wear Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 – Celebrities, global fashion icons and social media influencers – they are the champions of flaunting dramatic new styles and eye colours at the world’s stage. Whether it is about making the artisanal crochet and graphic polka dots mainstream again or combining couture feathers with hot pants and bold neon’s, these celebrities and influencers are the reasons behind the resurgence of new-age fashion trends.
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5 New Age Eye Wear Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Take colored contact lenses, for example. Colors have always been connected with our feelings. Dark colored contact lenses give us a more subtle disposition. The light colored contact lenses provide our eyes and face that playful, vibrant quality. Contact lenses with deep mid-tones, which impart a rich, calm quality. So, why shouldn’t you take inspiration from them and create your style? To bring you up to speed with the latest in fashion, here are the top eye wear trends, which are turning heads for all the right reasons:

1. Smart frames are Making a Comeback

First appearing in 2014, Google Glass was one invention way ahead of its time. The earlier design comprised of a funny-looking, bulky pair of eye frames that wasn’t much good for practical usage. 1The latest Google Glass 2 is a better, more efficient variant of the titular smartglasses that are stylish too.

Similar to smartwatches and smartphones, these smartglasses offer benefits such as call and text notifications, activity tracking, and appointment reminders. At the same time, these eyeglasses combine augmented reality (AR) with cutting-edge optic technology, and faster computer processing to overlay virtual images over the real world.

As a trend, smartglasses are combining fashion with technology to provide enhanced entertainment, retail shopping and even digital perspective to the users. This definitely deserves the top place on our list of newest eye trends.

2. Glasses with Blue Light Protection Becoming Mainstream

Whenever we look at an unfiltered digital screen, our eyes are exposed to excessive amounts of light that comprise blue wavelengths. Since blue light is the most substantial part of the visible spectrum, it may potentially harm our vision. Also it can cause issues such as loss of sleep, and deterioration of sleep quality.

With new-age prescription eyeglasses, you can opt for blue-tech lenses (additional coating and tints) to help protect the eyes from excess blue light emitted from digital screens.

3. Off-beat Colour Contact Lenses are Turning up the Heat this Summer

Nowadays, contact lenses, especially colored contacts, are changing the way we dress. These contacts are one of the new eye wear trends. They work better than any eye make-up, and also helps provide for your eye’s health and care.  Adding to their charm, these colored contact lenses are available in a variety of traditional colors (such as blue, green, brown and black) and off-beat colors [such as ocean blue, jade green, amethyst (or greenish-violet).]

You can use these colored contact lenses to transform your look completely. These lenses make your eyes look larger and deeper, and even give a beautiful impression of depth to your eyes.

4. Innovative Materials Are Driving Trends in Contact lenses and Eyeglasses

A recent study on the global vision care reports that the vision care market would reach a valuation of approximately $74 billion by the year 20242. The study also suggested that the driving forces behind the growth are the increasing use of innovative new materials in the manufacturing of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

These materials are making contacts and eyeglasses more comfortable, stylish and less expensive. This further allowing people to elevate their fashion with new-age accessories for the eyes and face. Examples of these innovative materials include eBioispired (HyperGel), used for manufacturing contact lenses with high water content (upto 78%). The resulting contact lenses not only offer better oxygen breathability to the eyes than conventional plastic but also matches the eye’s water content level to ensure all day comfort.

5. Bringing the Retro Back into the New-Age Eyewear Fashion

Modern-day eyewear fashion trends are all about combining pristine vision care with practicality and style. And what better way to do this than take inspiration from the golden age of eyewear trends, i.e. the 60s, 70s and the 80s.

While coloured contact lenses have transformed the way people incorporate colours into their daily activities, eyeglass frames, too, have taken a few pages from their rich history, with retro styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s making a comeback. Some of the modern-day eyeglass frames that are inspired by their past include:

  • Jackie Onassis-style round, white frames and Cat’s-eye frames from the 60s
  • Large, face-hiding frames with earth tone tints from the 70s
  • Aviator-style sunglasses from the 80s

Nowadays, a lot is going on in vision care technology. Whether it is colored contact lenses with the prescription refractive correction to the retro-styled eyeglass frames – technology has enabled us to bring together the best of eye care, comfort and fashion styles.

Buy Lacelle coloured contact lenses from reputable brands such as Bausch + Lomb, for example. These stylistic contacts provide users with excellent wear-time comfort. And also allow them to look beyond the traditional ways of wearing eye make-up. People can now match their outfits with the right shade of eyes and make-up to create a stylistically proportional ensemble of wardrobe and accessories.

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