5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016

5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016 – Eid is the festivel of happiness and colors. You can add to the colors and joy of this festival by trying new and diiferent nail art trends. Nail Art Designs is getting popularity among young girls and women very rapidly in this modern world of fashion. Obviously, girls are more concerned about looking elegant, unique on every event. So here are 5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016. The excitement of nail art is no less than any other activity for girls. Let’s check out 5 Easy Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016.

5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016

5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016

1. Golden Glitter Nail Art :

Golden Glitter Nail Art

Golden glitter and red glitter nail art design is look classy. Create a base by using a base coat and then use a thin nail brush to create the fall leaf. Use the fall colors to create this nail art for Eid 2016.

2. Glitter and Geometrical Shapes :

Geometrical Shapes

Glitter and geometrical shapes together look mesmerizing. You must try this nail art design on Eid 2016 for looking amazing.

3. Angular Designs :

Angular Designs

Amazing for a classy look? Try this dark blue base with colorful angular designs. This angular nail art designs will give you amazing classy look on Eid 2016.

4. Bow Nail Art :

Bow Nail Art

There is no bold color in this nail art that seems to be screaming for attention. Most part of the nail has clear polish. Only the tips have a bright Pink color and a Black classy bow with a dot in the centre to beautify the nail art. This is cute and subtle nail art for Eid 2016.

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5. Polka Dots Nail Art :

Polka Dots Nail Art

Polka Dots nail art design is always popular among the girls for many years. Though this nail art design is simple but stylish. This nail art design will appeal you with any shade of color. This is another great nail art design for Eid 2016.

These are 5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016. Hope you all liked it 🙂

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