5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old

We all are in a race of looking better, more beautiful or should I say more younger, right? To have a younger look we struggle a lot, not only we change our diet but we keep on looking for something new, something better. Many times we end up with a big hole in our pocket by buying some luxurious products only to look younger. I mean these days looking beautiful means directly looking younger.

5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old

Well I don’t want to go into the controversial questions like is it so?  I want to have a look on what actually we desire and with what we end up, when we don’t have enough knowledge. Like we have seen many woman looking older than their actual age, now this can happen for various reasons like unbalanced diet, improper care of skin, some extra intake of medicine, alcoholic, or tobacco habits. Now there is one more reason to look older that is wrong makeup picks. So girls, today I am going to show you some quick 5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old.  So are you all ready to find where were you have gone wrong last time? Here I start.

5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old – Wearing a Lipstick Shade Randomly

Now what does it means, see lipstick is a very important part of our makeup, if we don’t apply lipstick, our makeup will be incomplete. Now only putting on randomly any shade is not a wise shot. You need to do some work on it, try to find out the list of shades which actually suits your complexion, make out the time to know for what time you are getting ready, like wearing a dark lipstick for a day occasion will automatically make you look older. See this does not mean that one should not try darker shades; you must have a strong hold on the shades and your complexion. Try some lighter shades and see the difference. Again if you are young and want to have a older look go for darker shades.

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5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old – Choosing Wrong Shade of Foundation

5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old, wrong shade of foundation

Choosing a foundation shade lighter or darker to your original complexion! See the foundation forms a base of our makeup, I have seen woman picking out any foundation, and they don’t even bother about checking the shade. If you don’t have knowledge about which variant will suit you, one must try out a test of foundation on wrist, both in day and flash light. The one which merges with your skin, opt it. It is better to do some research on internet before buying any foundation, after all why we bloggers are here? Take some help from us.

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5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old – Applying Too Much Bronzer or Shimmer

5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old, too much bronzer

Shimmer gives you some stunning look when applied in a proper manner, one should make sure that shimmer and bronzer must not be used too much; again there are some specific areas where one should restrict the use of bronzer. Too much use of it can make you look older.

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5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old – Forget to Define Your Brows

5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old, brows not done

It happens often that we forget to shape our brows, we do heavy eye makeup by applying different smoky shades but forget to shape and define our brows this makes us look much more older, as  a define eye brow helps us to give a perfect look.

5 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Old – Applying Only Kajal

See if you are sticking to neutral look, it is all right you can just apply a single stroke of Kajal. But when you define your eyes with hues of different colors and then you don’t apply liner on the upper lines of your eye lid, then this becomes a blunder mistake. One should always apply liner after shadows and also make it your that they have applied mascara too.

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I just hope that these tips will help you , and next time when you will get ready , you will definitely look beautiful and much more younger. Do have any other tips regarding this??? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. I will really appreciate it.

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  1. many among us commit such mistakes! Good post!

  2. Good post dear 🙂

  3. On several occasions I have comitted these blunders…thanks for the info ?

  4. The worst out of all is applying foundation that’s way lighter or darker. 😀

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