5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud

India, since times immemorial has been a venerator of women; which in best sense is an indications of broad horizon this country has had. There are a million things to write about women. Many artists have depicted women in various admirable ways that it’s becomes a Herculean task to assort them all together. But in this post here I’ll be trying to give you an insight of how women have made their mark in the world history and have made our country proud in all senses. so lets move ahead to know more about them; the 5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud  at International level.

5 indian women to make us proud

Aishwarya Rai as 5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud

aishwarya rai, 5 indian women to make us proud

So guys there’s no need for any introduction for this figure. But still I would surely enlist her great achievements in Hollywood. Most of you must not be aware of the fact that she has had a hand at architecture but later dropped it midway to win the miss world title. This was her first ever mark as an Indian woman at an international platform. She then went on to become an actress par excellence and won many international acclamation too. Her work in her first Hollywood film ‘bride and prejudice’ got her a place in Hollywood. Even after that she continued to surprise the world with her remarkable acting talent. The very fact of her appearing in Oprah Winfrey show twice and the David Letterman show are a statement of her success and world renounce. And of course how can we forget her very “oh so fab!” persona.

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Kalpana Chawla as 5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud

Kalpana Chawla, 5 indian women to make us proud

An epitome of hard work, perseverance, discipline and the fact that you in no way lag behind men in even reaching the far depths of unreachable space. Being a native of Punjab she with her never lasting desire of entering NASA went on to become a successful astronaut and surely made India proud in a way never done before.

Mary Kom as 5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud

Mary Kom, 5 indian women to make us proud

The 5 times world champion in boxing, a mother of 2 kids, a wife, a daughter and what not. This woman is a true symbol of a woman’s strength of heart and power of will. Being from a very small village of Manipur ,she has reached he heights of unimaginable success by giving India 5 golds in the world championship. She has surely shown the whole world that Indian women have all that it takes to win even after unimaginable hurdles.

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Chanda Kochhar as 5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud

Chanda Kochhar, 5 indian women to make us proud

MD of ICICI bank the 2nd largest in the world,yes! dont be surprized its this lady. The mark she’s left in the corporate world and continues to do the same is inexplicable. Her success at an international level is evident from the very fact of her being listed by the Forbes magazine among the world’s 100 powerful women ….not once but twice! She belongs to Jodhpur and has done her degree in arts from Jai Hind College, Mumbai.

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Saina Nehwal as 5 Indian Women to Make Us Proud

saina nehwal, 5 indian women to make us proud

The first Indian woman ever to have achieved the rank of 2 in the world rankings issued by BWF. She has won a medal in the Olympics too thus uplifting India’s pride all over again in her woman power. This Hisar born girl is undoubtedly a hero for us all.

So guys after knowing about all these amazing ladies, their work and their talents we sure can’t deny the fact that women have truly made India proud innumerable times. and finally every woman is the same and must be respected in every sense!

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