5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

As a bride, you are no less than a queen on your wedding day. All the eyes would be only on you and so, it is very important that you look absolutely gorgeous on your D-Day. As a bride, every girl wants to look her best on the wedding day. And that’s why, grooming session begins months ago. The bride carefully chooses her outfits, accessories, makeup, jewelries to ensure she looks stunning on her wedding day. It is also important for a bride to select her hairstyle carefully that would enhance her features and helps to look at her charming best on her D-Day. So check out my post on 5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles.
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5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Hairstyles play an important role in a bride’s look. Even though hairstyle is just a part of the look, but it can potentially make you look like a diva or totally ruin your look. Choosing the hairstyle that will suit your overall look is very important. Initially, not much attention used to be paid towards wedding hairstyle. Brides used to make simple plait or bun. But these days, brides have become more conscious about their hairstyle and so hair stylists have come up with new trendy hairstyles to meet the demand. The main aim of these hairstyles is to give Indian brides a contemporary yet traditional look. Read on to know 5 best Indian Wedding Hairstyles.

Curly updo with flowers as best Indian Wedding hairstyle

curly updo with flowers, 5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

This is a great hairstyle for Indian wedding. Indian updos look elaborate, yet sophisticated and elegant. And this is the reason why updos are considered as one of the best hairstyle for bridal purpose. Such updos look great on their own and when flower is added to decorate the hair, it just adds another dimension. Here the loopy curls have taken the shape of flower buds and the beautiful red roses have given it a charming look.

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Volumnious long downdo as best Indian Wedding hairstyle

volumnious long downdo, 5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

This is a super trendy hairstyle for Indian wedding. Bridal makeup and hairdos should be aimed at bringing out the inner diva from every bride by enhancing their features. And this hairstyle does exactly that. If you have long hair and you want to opt for a simple hairstyle, this is for you – trendy, simple and just gorgeous. As you can see it’s a long downdo with added volume and curls towards the ends of the locks have created a feminine charm.

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Long plait as best Indian Wedding hairstyle

long plait, 5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

This is the traditional south Indian wedding hairstyle. In south India, brides love to show off their gorgeous, lustrous hair by making a long beautiful plait and then lovely flowers, beads, gold etc are used to adorn that plait. At times, hair extensions are also used to enhance the look. Surely a super, super gorgeous hairstyle.

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Multi tiered updo as best Indian Wedding hairstyle

multi tiered updo, 5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Here the bride is looking like a princess with this hairstyle. This multi tiered updo looks simply amazing with its volume and flawless polished look. The hair accessories have been chosen carefully to enhance the beauty of this super fantastic bridal hairstyle. It’s tough to look away from this gorgeous bride!

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Messy curls as best Indian Wedding hairstyle

messy curls, 5 Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles

This is a beautiful hairstyle for Indian brides especially if it’s a Christian wedding. A hairband sort of look has been created by side parting the hair from the front and then making a plait on the crown. And long hair has been done into loose, messy curls. As you can see, the bride is wearing a tiara which has complemented beautifully with this hairstyle.

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Hope you liked my post on 5 best Indian wedding hairstyles. Which one is your favorite? Share your views in the comment section below.

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    Wow these are so beautiful, I would actually wear my hair like this any day. I also really like the hair accessories they are gorg!

  2. I went for loose curls for my engagement, tiered bun for wedding and curly updo for reception.. beautiful compilation Rashmita..

  3. Thank you so very much 🙂

  4. I wish to get that messy curl look done 🙂

  5. I’m definitely an up-do kind of gal, and all of these are absolutely stunning!
    Amazing ideas and examples you’ve found! I’m finding myself really drawn to the style with the ornate pin! Wish I had done that!

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