5 Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Hairstyles play a very important look in how we look. That’s why it becomes very important that we should choose our hairstyle wisely. Certain factors play important role in determining our hairstyle like our hair texture, length of our hair, face shape etc. Now face shape is the factor that should be given highest priority. A hairstyle that complements your face shape can instantly glam up your entire look and boost your confidence. The most common type of face shapes are oval, diamond, heart, square and round. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes. So check out my post on 5 best hairstyles for round face.

5 best hairstyles for round face

Finding hairstyles for round face can be a little tricky. It seems like most of the hairstyles are either for oval face or heart shaped face. A round face has slightly wider cheekbones. While choosing hairstyles, we should keep in mind that our hairstyle will not only hide our facial flaws but also highlight our best features. The secret to choose the best hairstyles for round face is to create an illusion of length and hide the roundness. But round face also has great symmetry. So choose your hairstyle that will dazzle your features. In this article we have come up with 5 best hairstyles for round face. Let’s have a look.

Smooth and straight hairstyle for round face

Smooth and straight hairstyle for round face

If you have a round face, never ever add any volume to the sides of your face, because your face appears fuller then. The idea is to give your face a slim look. This kind of smooth and tamed hairstyle looks good on round face and perfectly complements the facial features. Simply flat iron your hair and then add serum to give that extra shiny look.

Over the shoulder ponytail hairstyle for round face

Over the shoulder ponytail hairstyle for round face

This is a fantastic yet easy hairstyle for round faced beauties. If you have a round face, pulling the hair up and away hides the roundness of the face by adding height and volume at the top of the head. This loose flowing side ponytail is a great example of cute and classy hairstyle. This is a perfect hairstyle to wear for a girls’ nightout.

Stylish updo hairstyle for round face

Stylish updo hairstyle for round face

Isn’t Freida Pinto looking just gorgeous here? Freida Pinto is looking like a diva in this stylish updo with side swept bangs. Her slightly off-centre bun has given her face a slimmer look as well as highlighting her beautiful eyes and bright lips. The soft curls on her front bangs looking elegant too.

High half ponytail hairstyle for round face

High half ponytail hairstyle for round face

High half ponytails should be your go-to hairstyle if you have round face. Make sure you tie your ponytail really high, almost near the crown. This sky high half hairdo is drawing attention on top of the face and beautifully hiding the roundness of the face. Just brush your hair and pull them up (the front section) into a high pony. Let some hair play up on your shoulder. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to get this look. You can also blow dry those lose hairs on your shoulder for a neat look.

Mussed up hairstyle for round face

Mussed up hairstyle for round face

This is a great hairstyle for fuller and round face. Simply curl the front section of your hair. Use a bigger curler for soft curls. Now back-comb the rest of the hair. Twist your hair up at the back of your head and secure the hairdo with bobby pins. Finally pull out some lose strands around the hairline to give a casual yet elegant look. This hairdo adds volume to the crown area and as a result, round face looks longer.

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Hope you liked reading my post today. Don’t stress over finding the perfect hairstyle for your round face. Try any of these easy to do hairstyles and make the most of your natural beauty.

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