5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

Hello all 🙂 Today I am back with a new post – 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks. A big fat Indian wedding does not apply in Bengali tradition. Bengalis belong from very peace and calm nature. They don’t like so much noise at their wedding occasion. On this 21st century, they like the shahnai’s music on their wedding. Being a Bengali’ I know all the customs and traditions of Bengali wedding. Brides are like the most beautiful stage of any girl whether they will belong any religion or cast.

5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

In my experience, I saw each type of brides like south Indian brides, north Indian brides, Punjabi brides and Marathi brides. But at last I like the Bengali brides most. These brides don’t wear so much makeup. They wear various types of gold ornaments. Without gold ornaments our wedding would not be complete. Yes, gold is like most necessary element for Bengali brides. That’s you rarely find a Bengali bride without gold accessories. So my friends here I tell you about 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks. You can try these bridal makeups with your traditional outfit.

Aishwarya in Bengali bridal look among 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

Here, Aishwarya looks perfect Bengali bride. If you want to look like this on your wedding you must read these tips carefully.

5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks, aishwarya rai look

  • You should try matte compact, it cover extra shine and gives a fresh look. Use green concealer to cover your pimples or red spots. If you have dark under eye circles, you should use whitish pink concealer.Use some highlighter on the skin of your under nose. It gives conic shape to your nose. Dont apply this on the sides of your nose. Try heavy chandan designs on your forehead with red bright bindi.
  • Use some light pink blusher, it gives natural look. You can also try dark pink to give the highlight to your cheek apples.
  • Use dark kajal lines on your eyes. Use dark eyeliners and mascara to give big shaped eye look. You can try kohl look also.
  • Use some natural lip liners to give a fully well shaped to your lips. Use lip gloss and shades which goes correct with your outfit.

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Yami Gautham Bridal look among 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks, yami gautam look

  • For this Bengali look, you should use bright shimmer with foundation. Use light bronze also on your face. Use face mist for instant hydration. Use some light colors on cheeks and blend them with dark shades it gives perfect cheek bone look.
  • Use brown eyebrow pencil and give perfect look. Must try the red bindi. Don’t use white and red designs on your forehead. Use some bight highlighter on chin bone.
  • Apply the eye shadows, and spread it on outer lines of your eyes. Use some golden shades. Make dark line on your eyes with kajal. Try some artificial eyelashes for give a bright look.
  • Use maroon or dark pink colors with best lip liners.

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Chitrangada Singh bridal look

Royal Bengali bridal look among 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks, royal look

  • Use loose shimmer powder and highlight your cheeks with dark shades of shimmer. If you want to counter your yellow skin tone, use purple concealer. Make your eyebrows in ratio of your face. Blend the concealer on your face with lots of foundation and balance them with loose powder.
  • Use blossom red shades on your cheeks. Apply it on your chin also. Use dark red bindi.
  • Use artificial eyelashes and curl them with mascara. Use eyeliner on the outside and apply kajal with thick lining. Use some smoky look on your eyes. Use pink concealer on the tip of your nose.
  • Give a perfect line with red lip liner and use nude red color with gloss.

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Cute Bengali bridal look among 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks, cute look

  • If you have a heart shape face, you can try this look. Melt the concealer on your face. Use some green concealer on your under eye circles, if you have dark comp lection. Use dark foundation on outer corner of your face and apply light foundation on inner face.
  • Use highlighter on the centre of your nose. Use pink shades on your cheek bones. Use little chandan designs on your forehead with small red bindi.
  • For giving a royal look apply dark lines of eyeliner and give a shape of leaf. You can also try eyeliner like 80s heroines applied. Kajal is must for your Bengali look.
  • Use chunky red shade for your lips. Use some gloss also. You can also try magenta color. But if you want a perfect pouty look for your lips, you should use the different shades of red lipsticks.

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Diva Bengali bridal look among 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks, diva look

  • First of all give a perfect tone to your face with concealer and foundation. Then use some dark foundation on your forehead. Then use light foundation on your cheek bones. Use light shimmer on the tip of your nose.
  • Use bronzer on your cheeks. Highlight your chin also. Use little big bindi and make fine designs with white and red chandan on your forehead.
  • Use light maroon shades on your eyes and make it classy with the use of black shades. Curl your eyelashes with mascara. Apply eyeliner and give a fine look.
  • Use dark orange shades for your lips. Give it gloss. Don’t forget to line your lips.

I hope you all like these 5 Best Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks. I tried my best to give the perfect ideas to look like these beautiful brides. I think you all look gorgeous with this Bengali look and don’t hesitate to try this makeup because we all are the Indians and being Indian, all the states and their customs are ourselves. So try this look freely and I promise you will look beautiful.


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