5 Beauty Uses of Olive Oil

We often spend lavishly on various beauty enhancers that use loads of chemicals and do more harm to the skin than a bit of “instant good” like a quick glow within minutes, a little shine within few hours or softness that longs for a few weeks. These products might be okay for some quick “party presence” or a “dashing date” but their effects fade away as soon as the party ends or the dating is over. And what is left is their chemical residue with all its ill effects. But we often neglect the lasting effect of chemical free all natural more holistic ways of treating our skin and beauty that are available at our home, most of them inside the kitchen. So let’s check 5 Beauty Uses of Olive Oil.
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5 Beauty Uses of Olive Oil

The benefits of these humble but miraculous beauty enhancers were overshadowed by their clever and quick and chemical counterparts but of late beauticians and dermatologists are accepting the untouchable natural and holistic qualities of these “kitchen ingredients” in boosting the beauty.

Here are some of the ways in which these kitchen ingredients can magically enhance our beauty:

1.) Beauty Uses of Olive Oil for Oily skin

Oily skin hides your glow and skin tone with an undesirable greasy cover. The general cause of oily skin is excessive amounts of sebum (“Fat” in Latin) produced by oil glands. Apart from causing oily skin it also gives invitation to acne’s and blackheads. Ironically enough for obvious reasons, Olive Oil can be your friend in permanently washing that grease off your skin. Olive oil has exceptional qualities of absorbing the excess oil in the skin and leaving your skin moisturized and oil-free. Olive is also rich in anti oxidants thus helps in preventing acne and blackheads caused by oily skin. Just take small amount of oil and rub on your face covering the entire area. Words of advice though, please do not use the excessive amounts of oil as it will do more harm than good.

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2.) Beauty Uses of Olive Oil  for Natural Moisturizer

Moisture plays a very important role in softness of your skin and gives it a pampered look. It also helps in saving your skin from blemishes by keeping the skin pores opened. Though it’s not a widely known fact, Honey has some excellent natural qualities to absorb moisture from the air and retain it. If applied on the skin it enhances the “sweetness” of your skin by adequately moisturizing it.  Its antibacterial qualities are also helpful in fighting against wounds and cuts. Its antioxidant qualities also act as a natural sun cream. Applying it isn’t difficult either. Just take a ½ teaspoon of honey and apply gently on your face without any brisk movements. Apply on the entire face with circular spiral movements. Keep it for at least 10 minutes and wash your face properly with cold water.

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3.) Beauty Uses of Olive Oil for Under Eye Circles

Eyes play a very important role in expressing our beauty statement. Who can resist mascara highlighted beautiful almond shaped eyes. But what if those eyes are naturally highlighted by dark under eye circles? It will spoil the whole beauty if the face.  But now, you don’t need to worry as all it requires is a few chamomile tea bags to get rid of these unwanted circles. They are rich source of anti-inflammatory astringents: caffeine and tannin’s that help in reducing the dark circles. You just need to put two tea bags in boiling water and leave them for 7 minutes. Then refrigerate them in fridge and wait for some time till they get cool enough to be used. Take them out and put each bag on your eyes with each bag covering the entire eye. You will notice an instant relief to the eyes. It has a long term benefit of reducing those dark circles too if practiced regularly.

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4.) Beauty Uses of Olive Oil  for Hair Problems

Hair always acts as an inseparable part of your overall beauty. No matter however beautiful and glowing your skin may be but your dull or thin hair may spoil the show. On the other hand, your skin might not be that great but shiny and flowing hair can get you accolades and wows throughout the party. The three main ingredients that play a decisive role in ensuring the healthy, long, silky and shiny hair are Vitamin C for moisturizer, carotene for shine and iron for strength. Indian Gooseberry or Amla is rich in all three ingredients and thus is highly recommended for improving your hair health. Amla oil is well known for its highly beneficial effects on the hair health. To take the best advantages of amla’s quality massage your scalp properly with amla oil. You can instantly feel its soothing effect on the hair. After a few weeks your hair will get enough shine to make the party “Glow” with your presence. For better results you can eat an amla every day. An amla a day keeps “bad hair” away. For stopping hairfall you need to nourish them properly with added moisturizer. Lemon can be a good option. You just need to mix the equal amounts of Amla pulp and lemon extracts and massage your scalp properly. For a deep effect slide your fingertips under the hair and onto your scalp with gentle circular movements.

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5.) Beauty Uses of Olive Oil  for Pimples 

Pimples are an undesirable skin condition that spoils your beautiful skin. These pesky pimples with their raised ugly heads are adamant to deprive you of any compliments for your light complexion or soft skin. Gram flour has excellent qualities of keeping the skin free of excessive fat, a condition that invites and nurtures pimples and acne’s. Our very humble Gram flour can come to the rescue along with its team. Just get two teaspoon of sandalwood powder, a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoon of gram flour. Add a pinch of turmeric powder for additional benefits. Put all these ingredients into a small bowl and make a paste using a teaspoon of milk. Now use this paste to apply over the face covering the entire area using gentle circular movements. Let it dry for a few minutes and finally wash it off with water. Apply this natural face mask for 1 month and you will start noticing the effects on your skin warding off these pimples and winning your skin tins of accolades.

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