4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas

Hello Girls! Hope you are in good health. In this festive season of Raksha Bandhan you all must be planning something great for your brothers. But what about you? Do not forget this is a special day for all the sisters, girls you are going to be the hearts throb of the family for the day! So what are you waiting for? Go, get up, plan some good shopping for you. Today I am going to share some good make up tips for you especially for eyes. So lets check 4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas.

4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas, Stunning Eye Makeup for This Rakhi Season

Eyes are the most attractive feature of the face. So always try to make it more attractive which will help you enhance your look and beauty. Now-a-days there are various types of products available for your eye makeup. Try to apply different shades which will give different look to your eyes in day and in night.

Here are 4 eye makeup ideas

Fish tail eye make up

4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas, Fish Tail Eye Make up For this Rakshabandhan

The specialty of this eye makeup is the art of using the eye liner. This make up gives a volume to the eye and makes your eye to look lengthier. Make it bolder with silver, gold and bronze eye shadows.

Smoky Pink Eye Makeup

4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas, Smoky Pink Eye Make up For this Rakshabandhan

What about mixing feminine look with boldness? Use pink eye shadow on the upper eye lid and try to smudge your eye liner to give a smoky look. Girls who love pink or if you are planning to wear a pink dress then you can go for it.

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Plum Smoky Eye Makeup Look

Glamorous Golden Eye Makeup

4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas, Golden Eye Make up For this Rakshabandhan

For evening look you can apply gold and black eye makeup to get a bold and gorgeous look. If you are planning for a heavy outfit, For occasions you can use golden eye shadow and black eyeliner to make a perfect balance of gold and black.

Sultry Smoky Eye Makeup

4 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas, Smoky Eye Make up For this Rakshabandhan

Planning to wear something black or grey? Try out sultry smoky eye makeup. This eye makeup is a perfect blend of silver metallic grey and black. This brightens the eye makeup and gives a great glamorous look.

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Some Great Eye Makeup Tips

• First of all before you start wash off your face properly with scrub and face wash.

• It is really good if you can use a good eye pack before you do make up. You can use fresh cucumber or rose water on your eye lids and allow it to rest for 10 minutes; this will give you a fresh look.

• Use eye primer or concealer to cover the dark circles round your eyes.

• Now apply some light colored eye shadow such as peach. Light pink, nude colors in the day time, for night to give a dusky look you can use charcoal grey, brown matched up with golden or silver.

• For the crease area of your eye use a two shade darker color of eye shadow to highlight the area.

• Apply eye liner on the upper lid and lower lid of your eyes. Liner can be liquid one or pencil one. You can smudge a little so that you can get a depth in your eyes.

• Now-a-days glitter liner is in fashion. Glitter liner best suits in the evening occasions. Make sure to apply it in a thin line over the liner, so that both black liner and glitter can be visible.

• Use golden highlighter to highlight the corner of your eyes.

• Now the most important part, the eye lashes! Use a good voluminous long stay mascara to highlight and thicken the eye lashes. If you have curler make sure to curl the eye lashes a bit.

• Use eye brow pencil to thicken and give a proper shape to your eye brows.

That’s all. Your eye makeup is done! Remember do not over do the makeup which may hamper the complete look. Share your views and ideas on eye makeup, if you have any.

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  1. I love eye make ups. The smokey pink one is the one i am going to try this time

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