4 Must Have Oils in My Beauty Routine

Hello Girls 🙂 Today My post is about 4 Must Have Oils in My Beauty Routine. My Beauty regime always start with oils, Yes that’s true. I love using coconut, Olive, Almond and Tea tree oil in my skin and hair care routine. They works like a wonder for me Without any doubt or confusion, I just apply them to get that perfect beauty routine. Many girls ask me about my beauty secret and even they thought that may be I am using costly beauty regime products but frankly speaking all these oils are behind my beauty. So lets move on and check it out that how I use them in my beauty routine.

4 Must Have Oils in My Beauty Routine
These four oils are easily available in our Indian market and mainly they are totally in budget too. And We can use them for a multiple things. Normally people thinks that oil means only for hair but that’s not true at all. You can use them on your face as well as on your body. And mainly they are purely natural and they don’t even have chemicals like our beauty products.

Tea Tree oil for My Beauty Routine

The Body Shop Tea Tree oil Review
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  • Using tree tea oil for your beauty regime is a great and perfect idea.
  • Tea tree oil helps to flat out my pimple. I just apply it on my pimple area with help of ear bud and within 3-4 hours pimple reduce the redness and size. and within 2 days pimple leaves the skin without any mark behind.
  • Even its a perfect for dandruff too, Just mix some drops of it in your regular coconut oil and then just message hair and wash it off after few hours.
  • I also mix a few drops of it in my face mask.
  • I also add a few drops of it in my pedicure soaking water to get rid off foot smell

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Almond oil for My Beauty Routine

Almond oil for face and hair

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  • I apply this oil around my eye area to get rid of dark circles and fine lines
  • In winters I use it as face moisturizer, Just 2-3 drops are enough for a whole face
  • I also message my hair with it. Very common use of almond oil.
  • I also remove my makeup with help of almond oil specially in winter.
  • Its really good for a nail growth too so I just apply few drops of it on my nail cuticles
  • I also apply it on eyebrows and eyelashes for fuller and thicker result.
  • In winters some time I used it as lip balm so I just take 2 drops of it and apply it on lips.
  • I mix a few drops of it in my home made lip scrub and body scrub.

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Olive oil for My Beauty Routine

Olive oil for face and hair
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  • Mostly I remove my heavy eye makeup with it.
  • Perfect option to message my hair in winters.
  • I do a hair spa with help of olive oil.
  • Perfect for Body message to get rid of dry skin
  • Even its perfect for nail growth so I apply few drops of it on my nails.
  • Perfect option to treat crack heels
  • I also use it as eyebrows natural moisturize
  • I add a few drops of olive oil in my hair mask.
  • For that dewy glow in morning time, I apply few drops of it on my face before sleeping.
  • I use it in my lip scrub
  • Perfect to use it as a hair serum.

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Coconut oil for My Beauty Routine

Coconut oil for face and hair
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  • I always prefer it to remove my makeup
  • I use it as a eye cream and sometime as a face moisturizer.
  • I also use it as body moisturizer.
  • Perfect for Hair message and body message.
  • I remove heavy stain lipstick with help of coconut oil.
  • I mix it in my body scrub
  • I also use it as a hair serum.
  • I use it as lip balm.
  • Sometime I rub some oil on my feet and hand to moisturized them
  • I also add 2 drops of it in my stomach navel for pink and soft lips.

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Hope friends now you know my almost all beauty secretes and also let know in a below comment box that how you use them differently in your beauty routine.

About Kiran Raj Singh

Kiran born and brought up in Mumbai is the founder of beautifulhamesha.com. She is a Management graduate and beauty lover by heart. Kiran’s passion for make-up and beauty products motivated her to start beauty website. She started JAM Infotech online Pvt Ltd in 2016. She is married and has a beautiful daughter, Anika. She loves shopping, buying new beauty products, applying make-up in her free time.


  1. Nice post..I too like to include oils in my beauty routine. But I don’t use it under eyes. I get breakouts whenever I apply almond/coconut oil under eyes.

  2. Even I love to massage oils on my face ?

  3. Very good post, a detailed one!? Never knew so much abt these oils!?

  4. I wasnt ware that we do get cold pressed coconut oil in India.. I have not come across cold pressed oils at all rather.. will check out amazon for more options 🙂

  5. Rashmita Rakshit

    Even I love to use these oils in my beauty routine.. they work wonders 🙂

  6. awesome.. i am planning to start using badaam oil very soon..

  7. Amazing post Kiran 🙂 I too use cold pressed coconut oil mainly for face massage and lips. It gets absorbed easily and during winters heating it up a bit and then massaging your hair with it is very relaxing 🙂

  8. Nice and very informative post…i have used and use daily many oils in my beauty and hair care routine…having a dry skin and hair oil is your best friend…

  9. Amazing post 🙂 I love olive, castor and coconut oil in my beauty routine 🙂 I’m trying to incorporate essential oils now 🙂

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