4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body

4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body – Hello friends, hope you are doing fine these summer days. I am a complete fitness obsessed woman and I think everyone of us want to look good, beautiful and slim as well. So, Today I will share my post about 4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body. Some think, eating less is the key to slim and fit body but this is not true. Eating less can in fact lead to disease and illness in a person but eating more and practicing exercise can help to maintain a slim and well maintained figure. Leave gym, here are some yoga poses that helps to give you a fit and slim body. These 4 yoga Asanas can help to lead you with fit and healthy lifestyle and also help to burn your calories. Let’s see 4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body.

4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body

4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body

Seated Meditation Pose

Seated meditation pose helps to maintain a slim body as well as helps to strengthen your internal system. You should place a mate on the floor and sit straight with your legs folded. Now inhale and exhale slowly and start chanting ‘om’. Start doing this 10-20 times everyday and you will see the difference.



Chakrasana is often known as Bridge pose and is often known for flattening tummy of a person. Apart from giving you flat tummy, it helps to give you a perfectly toned body and also maintains the flexibility. Lie down on your back and slowly bend your knees keeping your feet flat. Now move your hands along the body and see to it that your fingertips are slightly touching your feet’s. Now lift your body upward and hold down for 30 seconds to one minute. Now repeat doing this for five times.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose

In Child’s pose Place your kneel on floor and sit on your heels. Now keep your heels apart from the knees and keep it wide apart as much as possible. Now place your torso between the thighs and place your arms in front of you and stretch as much as possible. Hold this position for 30 sec to 1 minute and repeat doing this for 4-5 times.

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Bow Pose

Bow Pose

Bose pose is one of the exercises that helps to consume more energy but then it helps to one down your body and burn the extra fats and calories easily. Lie down on your belly and reach your back with your hands so that you can catch your feet as shown in the picture. Now pull yourself and lift up your chest squeezing the shoulder against each other. Your feet should be folded towards the hi region. Now hold this position and release slowly.

These are 4 Easy Yoga Asanas for Fit and Slim Body. Have you tried using any of the yoga poses mentioned above? If yes, let us know by your comments.

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