3 Steps for Weightless Makeup

3 Steps for Weightless Makeup – Hello Beauties! Today my post is about 3 Steps for Weightless Make-up. All girls wants to look beautiful. But in summer season this is not possible. Summer made me upset because I have to go out without make-up because you won’t get air conditioner everywhere you go. My skin is so oily and in summers it becomes worst and this year I am not only worried about my oily skin but I am getting few pimples too. So I was so scared and I stopped using make-up especially in the day time. I was not so happy with my decision and I was trying and searching and trying different techniques so that I can have a weightless makeup for summer, because guys I felt that if you do heavy make-up in this hot season your make-up starts melting and the whole look becomes so cakey. I never prefer a look which is made from lots of make-up product because I feel very uncomfortable in it. So I decided to tell you my experience my techniques so here is 3 Steps for Weightless Makeup. Here is a guide to get a look which is flawless. I feel that if you follow these steps then you will never end up with a melting make-up. So coming back to my 3 Steps For A Weightless Make-up.

3 Steps for Weightless Makeup

Before you start using these techniques to get weightless make-up, you have to be sure that you take care of your skin on the first place. It is essential to follow a strict regime in this hot weather the only your skin will glow naturally and you won’t need much of heavy make-up to get that glow. I would say if you have so many pigmentation and dark circle problems which you try to hide with lots of concealer, then you should start trying to get rid of them first by natural methods. So girls let us start.

3 Steps for Weightless Makeup

STEP 1 For a Weightless Makeup- Use Sunscreen Lotion or Cream

For a Weightless Makeup- Use Sunscreen Lotion or Cream


Start with a gel based sunscreen because it will disappear in seconds because gel based sunscreen melts down into our skin pores and shield it against the UV rays. Now what happen if you use a cream based sunscreen, it makes your skin oily or matt depending upon its formula. At the same time cream based sunscreen will clog your pores and this make our skin unable to breathe properly. Plus you are adding one more heavy cream to your look. So start using gel based sunscreen.

STEP 2 For A Weightless Makeup-

You are getting ready for summer and you no till date you were going without make-up, so now when you have this option of weightless make-up, just omit the primer and foundation.

Start using a bb or cc cream whichever you feel it gives you a proper coverage, if you have pigmentation and dark circle problem you can go with any light based concealer and just touch up the affected area.

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STEP 3 For Weightless Makeup- Use loose Translucent Powder

For Weightless Makeup- Use loose Translucent Powder

Instead of using compact powder, use loose translucent powder to settle down your concealer for a longer period of time, this light weighted and you won’t feel that you have applied a face powder it is so light.

So you are ready with the base, just put up some kajal and a nude coral lipistick and you are ready with your 3 Steps Weightless Make-up.

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