3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles

We all know that waking up early is so good for every one! But how many of us can actually do that? Most mornings, the snooze button gets the priority! And then what happens? We wake up late, do everything in hurry, somehow manages to get ready for our A.M classes or office and then all of a sudden, our hair starts ‘Non co-operation Movement’!! Now we can’t afford to step out with that messy hair, neither we can sit and do our hair for as long as it takes! For everyone who has to deal with this horrible situation quite often, this post is dedicated to all of you. Here are 3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles, which you can do easily in less than 2 minutes! And they are trendy too! Check out below for 3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles!

3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles

Knotted Half Up Hairstyle

The knotted half up hairstyle

  • This is a very pretty hairstyle, which you can do just under a minute.
  • Comb your hair and pull half of them towards the back of your head. Make sure you have gathered almost equal amount from both the sides.
  • Divide your hair into two sections.
  • Make one simple knot with those sections. Keep your hair smooth and tangle free while you do this.
  • Pull the top section of the hair down and secure it with bobby pins just under the knot. Or use a fancy hair clip.

Fanned Out Bun Hairstyle

The fanned out bun Hairstyle

  • This is another beautiful and voluminous hairstyle.
  • Brush your hair well. Pull back all of them and tie a high ponytail.
  • Take the end of the ponytail in one hand.
  • With the other hand, separate the hair just under the elastic band into two sections and pull the ponytail half way through and secure with bobby pin.
  • Using both the hands, gently pull down the sides of the bun to create a fan-like shape and secure with bobby pins.


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Half Crown Braid Hairstyle

Half crown braid hairstyles

  • This a very easy braided hairstyle. It will work both for curly and straight hair.
  • Take 1-2 inch of hair on one side of your head (above the ear). Then make a braid. Secure the end with a plastic band.
  • Do the same from the other side of the hair.
  • Now bring one of the braids across the back of your head and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Cross the second braid over the first and using bobby pins, tuck in the end behind the first braid.
  • You are done!

So these are 3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles. Hope you liked the post. These hairstyles are also great when you feel super lazy to do your hair and something stylish in a jiffy 🙂

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Rashmita is born & brought up in Kolkata, She is a pure Bengali by heart. Makeup and Food are her biggest weaknesses. She has a good amount of cookbook in her collection.Traveling is her another love. She dreams to travel the entire world some time. She believes in 'tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it'.


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