2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin

2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin – Winter is the party season and you would definitely want your skin to behave well now and look healthy and glowing. But winter is also the trickiest time when it comes to skin care. But worry nor girls, because in this post I am going to share a 2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin. It is actually a combination of a face pack and a face scrub. Its quite unique and I think you haven’t heard anything like this before. This is a very effective face pack and will remove all the dead skin cells, dirt and every trace of impurities from the face. So check out below how to make 2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin.

2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin

2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin


As I already said, its a combination of face pack and face scrub. We will start with the face pack now.

Face Pack : Add a pinch of turmeric to 1 tsp of curd and mix these two well. This is our face pack. Once done, keep it aside.

Face Scrub : Lets move on to the face scrub now. In a bowl, take 1 tsp of sugar (you can use brown sugar or white sugar according to your choice), half tsp of coffee powder and 1 tsp of honey. Mix these three ingredients thoroughly to prepare the face scrub.

2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin ingredients

Application :

  • Apply the face pack on those parts of your face where you have dark spots and dry skin.
  • Once done, apply the face scrub on your nose and other parts of your face where you get black heads, whiteheads or have rough skin.
  • Keep it like this for 5 minutes.

2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin applied on my face

  • Now gently massage the face with clean fingers. This will improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads etc.
  • Wait for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water to discover a radiant and glowing face 🙂

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Benefits :

  • This 2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin is super effective. All the ingredients that I have used here are great for our skin individually. And so when you are bringing them together, it is certainly going to be wonderful.

My face after using 2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin

  • Curd is a rich source of lactic acid which is a great natural skin brightening agent. It prevents premature wrinkles and wards off age spots. Turmeric clears off dead skin cells and make skin clear as well as reduce signs of aging.
  • Homemade coffee scrubs are great if you want to achieve radiant, glowing skin. Coffee scrubs slough away dead skin cells, nourish the skin from within and make skin glowing, smooth and bright.

So this was all about my 2 in 1 Face Pack for Healthy Looking Skin. Regular application will help you to get rid of blackhead, whitehead and dull skin and have glowing, smooth and flawless face.

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