15 Tricks to Grow Hair Faster

Everybody loves healthy and full bodied tresses as it enhances the persona of a person. In fact flat, lean and unhealthy hair virtually adds many years to the actual age of a person.  In our country mothers take care of their little daughter’s tresses via proper combing, braiding and oiling them. Once we get busy in our lives we forget to take care of our hair starting from consuming junk food to stress and late nights or irregular routine altogether this takes a toll on our hair and they start falling. Hair fall is a natural process to make way for new follicles but unless regrowth takes place at the same pace the volume is not retained. Here are some simple tips to help with the growth of hair. So let’s check my post on 15 Tricks to Grow Hair Faster.
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15 Tricks to Grow Hair Faster

  1. Keep hair clean and sweat free to Grow Hair Faster

Hair especially the scalp like any other thing needs to be clean and sweat free. In summers due to excess perspiration the scalp becomes greasy very easily so make sure to keep the dirt and grime at bay by using shampoo twice to thrice a week.

  • Make sure to wash hair thoroughly after workouts as it causes sweat. Accumulation of dirt and sweat can make your scalp itchy and prone to damage.
  • Use mild cleansers or natural shampoos on your scalp in summers as detergent shampoos do harm your hair in the long run.
  • If your scalp is extremely oily but hair is dry then wash your scalp every alternate day in extreme summers but apply shampoo to the strands not during every wash.
  1. Conditioning treatment to Grow Hair Faster

Never skip your conditioner post head bath as shampoo extracts the moisture out of the strands which only a conditioner can return. If a conditioner is not applied then the dry strands become drier and brittle which becomes difficult to brush through. While brushing excess strain has to be applied to get rid of tangles and this causes hair breakage.

  • Once a while apply hair masque on your dry hair. It gives spa like effects.
  • Apply conditioner only after squeezing out the excess water from the hair and apply it along the length of the hair.
  • Make sure to apply a good amount of conditioner along the ends of the hair.
  1. No Wet Hair Brushing  to Grow Hair Faster

Never comb wet hair as hair when it is wet breaks easily and leads to hairfall. There are women who cannot do without brushing hair under the shower to get rid of tangles. If you fall in the same category then be very gentle while combing through and use brushes made especially to be used under the shower.

  • One can also use wide toothed combs for the same.
  • Better use extremely light hair oil or a proper serum on wet hair to get rid of tangles easily.
  1. Upside Down  to Grow Hair Faster

While combing hair flip your hair upside down and brush from root to tip. This is a traditional hair exercise which helps in better blood circulation to the hair follicles and this boosts hair growth.

  • Make sure to brush your hair everyday to get desired results as brushing activates the follicles by spreading the natural oils of the scalp evenly throughout the strands. In this manner it boosts the growth cycle of hair.
  • Always start from the ends of the hair and then comb upwrds while detangling the hair.
  1. Choosing the right hair brush to Grow Hair Faster

First of all from my personal experience I can say that switching over to a hair brush from plastic comb makes a huge difference in the number of strands I lose every day. Plastic combs may look sleek and lightweight to use as well as carry yet they cause a lot of hair fall because they tend to pull hair at times. On the other hand a hair brush does not exert excess pressure at the roots and brushes through much easily without pulling hair.

  • Pick a tangle teezer if you have tangle prone tresses.
  • Choose hair brushes made for your hair type from curly to straight hair.
  • Some hair brushes also add volume to flat hair and help them style better too.
  1. Oiling and massage to Grow Hair Faster

Scalp being waterproof only absorbs heavier elements like oils. Natural oils of coconut, jojoba, olive, almond, Indian gooseberry, rosemary are best in aiding the growth cycle of hair. These hair oils are food to hair providing them the required nutrients. The vitamins and minerals in the oil nourish the roots and condition the strands thus working in two ways.

  • Castor oil is said to regrow hair. Add half quantity of castor oil in any base oils like coconut or olive for added benefits.
  • People who get headaches from the strong fragrance of hair oils can add few drops of their preferred essential oil.
  • Microwave or heat the oil prior to use to get best results.
  • Always massage the scalp gently with fingers to activate the follicles.
  • One can also follow steam therapy which opens up the follicles and helps in better absorption of the products.
  1. Natural hair drying to Grow Hair Faster

There are various methods of drying hair but when it comes to the best it is of course the most natural one. Prefer drying hair in room temperature over using hot tools like a blow dryer. Once a while blow dryer is good to get stylish hairdo but using heat on the roots everyday damages the strands and is said to lead to graying of hair.

  • Never rub wet hair with towel to dry hair faster. Just squeeze out the excess water and wrap a cotton towel around. This keeps tangles as well as hair breakage at bay.
  • Invest in a fairly priced professional dryer with both hot as well as cool air setting. While drying your hair use the cool air setting to compensate for the damage done by the heat.
  • Use a heat taming spray prior to using a dryer to save your strands from much damage.
  1. Say no to chemicals to Grow Hair Faster

An average woman is said to absorb thousands of chemicals in a day via makeup and body care products. Just like shampoos and conditioner contain large doses of chemical products which do harm in the long run similarly there are other products which do the same. Coloring hair whether highlights or full on hair color is another chemical damage to hair which dehydrates the strands and in some causes hair fall too. On the other hand straightening, rebonding, perming like treatments are no different. When hair seems unmanageable girls get such treatments done to get a temporary relief. However they are chemicals being infused into the hair which causes damage which cannot be undone unless the whole hair grows out.

  • Even if coloring looks too impressive try ammonia free hair colors. Visit experts who apply color properly such that the scalp remains undisturbed.
  • One can try natural hair colors or various heena packs to get natural tint on hair without any fear of hair damage.
  • If chemical damage is already done then get regular spa therapies done whether at salon or at home to revert the damage.
  1. Less strain on the roots to Grow Hair Faster

The roots are the main component of our hair. If roots go weak a person faces excessive hair loss and thinning thus it is most important to take poper care of our roots.

  • Do not tie up your hair in extremely tight pony tails or use hair clips which pull hair too much.
  • Keep hair open at times to relieve the strain from the roots.
  • Do not make extremely tight braids before going to bed as it pulls out hair.
  1. Less styling products to Grow Hair Faster

Styling products damage the strands to a large extent. Tongs and straightners dehydrate the hair which becomes brittle and breaks easily. While styling mousse and setting sprays accumulate a lot of product at the root of the hair and act as an obstacle for the scalp to breathe.

  • Use sprays less frequently to get rid of blockage of the follicles. Sometimes follicles may shut down forever making it impossible for the scalp to regrow hair.
  • Always follow the given instructions of spraying from the minimum distance to avoid much damage.
  • Make sure to wash hair with a nice cleanser as soon as possible instead of layering more styling products over it.
  1. Clarifying Shampoo to Grow Hair Faster

When we are talking of using spray, mousse and chemical shampoos how can we not enlist their remedy. It’s a clarifying shampoo which can put an end to the problem of accumulation of product at the roots of the hair. A regular shampoo is not strong enough to fight such heavy doses of chemicals so a clarifying shampoo is the best alternative available.

  • Clarifying shampoos are easily available in the market. Make sure not to use them regularly as they contain strong detergent agents. Once a while is good enough to get rid of accumulated products on the scalp.
  • Make your own clarifying shampoo by mixing baking soda to your shampoo and cleanse your hair as usual.
  1. Get rid of split ends  to Grow Hair Faster

There is a dispute among beauty experts with regards to what causes split ends whether it’s the food we eat or the hair styling we follow. I believe in the latter as hair are dead cells so the nutrients do not actually get absorbed by the ends of the hair. It is either excessive use heat styling tools or using a brush improperly.

  • While combing the ends of hair hold the mid portion of your hair length for support and gently detangle the ends of the hair.
  • Detangle the knots with fingers instead of harshly brushing through.
  • In a hurry just make sure to condition the ends of the hair.
  • If split ends have already occurred then trimming is the only way out. If scissors are not used then this split travels upwards and cause damage to the whole length of the strand.
  1. Nutritious diet to Grow Hair Faster

Nothing can supplement the nutrition that fresh fruits and vegetables provide. Include a lot of green vegetables, dals, milk, soya beans and eggs in your daily diet. Nuts like Walnuts, almonds and dates also give required nutrients that aid in health of hair.

  • Reduce the intake of frozen food and junk or fried food. They do more harm to your body and less benefit to your taste.
  • Try to drink natural drinks like Lassi, Lemon water, green tea instead of flavored drinks.
  • Avoid preservatives and go natural in every food possible. As much as possible stay away from ready to eat foods available.
  • Intake of enough water is most important to keep the whole system trouble free.
  • Cut down on sugar and excess tea and coffee.
  1. Supplements to Grow Hair Faster

There are various supplements prescribed by doctors which again help in growth of hair. These may be hair food made from fish oil or other ingredients. Evening primrose oil or vitamin E tablets are most commonly used supplements. One must check with the doctor before taking any vitamin supplements to get the best results without any harm to the health.

  1. Exercise and health checkup to Grow Hair Faster

Yoga or any kind of physical activity that keeps one active automatically prevents the occurrence of health risks. In fact such activities open up the channels of your body; increases blood circulation and help in digestion too.

  • Try taking brisk walks if full time work out is not possible due to time constraints.
  • Inhaling fresh air early morning is a great remedy for the overall health of a person.
  • Even if hair loss persists after following every possible thing then get tests done. At times thyroid, hormonal imbalances and other health issues may be the reason behind thinning hair.

Hope these simple tricks help you get a healthy hair that is shiny and voluminous. Last but not the least these tricks work best only when one follows a regular routine, gets adequate sleep and tries to keep excessive stress at bay 🙂

Do let us know what your tricks to grow beautiful locks 🙂

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