10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know

10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know – Period or Menstruation is one of the toughest time in a woman’s life, but some period hacks can ease the suffering a lot. Every month, those 4-5 days make our life difficult! We know that it is important for a women’s health, but with the periodical pain, cramps, back pain, lethargy, bloating etc, we feel frustrated! What makes things even worse is that most of us feel embarrassed to talk about these problems! No matter how many periods you have got ‘under your belts’, you still get very much affected. And due to the constant physical discomfort, we feel a bit cranky! But with these period hacks that I am going to discuss below, your period life is surely going to become much more tolerable! So, let’s check out 10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know.
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10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know

1. Period Hacks by using Hot Water Bag

Keeping a hot water bag handy is on top of our period hacks and for all the right reasons! Hot water bag helps to get relief from the abdominal cramps that is very common during our periods. You can get hold of the hot water bags very easily in the market. Whenever you feel any discomfort on your abdominal area like any cramping, then simply fill the bag with some hot water and place it on your abdominal area, just like you take hot compress. It is actually for hot compress and the heat will get the blood flowing and give you relief from cramps.

2. Period Hacks of Drinking More Water

So the second period hacks that I am going to talk about is this one! You must be thinking that what’s so exciting about this one, we all know that drinking more water is good for our overall health! That’s true, but during our period days, it becomes all the more important. We lose so much fluid when we are on our periods, and so chances are there that we end up getting dehydrated. So, drink as much water as you can and drink water frequently. Water will also help in digestion, so that you don’t have to suffer from indigestion during your periods.
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3. Period Hacks by Taking Vitamin E Capsules

Some of us suffer from intense periodical pain and this particular period hack is specially for them. According to studies, women who took Vitamin E supplements twice a day during their periods for four months reported less intensity of their pain than they used to have previously. So, if you suffer from intense periodical pain, take Vitamin E capsules twice a day during your period to ease the pain.

4. Period Hacks by Increasing your Calcium Intake

Just like Vitamin E, calcium intake is also very important to make our periods less painful. Many of us suffer from leg cramps or back pain during our periods. Consuming calcium can not only reduce the chances of getting these symptoms, but also helps to deal with mood swings. However, I have a small tip for you guys – instead of taking calcium when your period is around or during your period days, why not include calcium in your daily diet? Calcium is good for our bone health. It makes our bones stronger and reduce the chance of suffering from osteoporosis later in our lives.
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5. Using Lavender Oil for Relaxing

We often face difficulty to sleep peacefully during our periods, and this period hacks will give you the solution for that! Use lavender oil to sleep like a baby. Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow at night before you go to sleep. Sleeping or taking rest is very important during periods to relax your body. But the physical discomfort and the cranky feeling don’t allow us to rest well. So, say goodbye to all those uneasiness with lavender essential oil. The relaxing fragrance of lavender helps you to forget about the discomfort and you can relax and feel better. Do keep in mind this very important period hacks.

6. Period Hacks by Resisting or Avoiding Caffeine

Next on our list of must know period hacks is this one. I know it sounds strange to avoid coffee when you are on your periods, because our body heavily depends on caffeine to deal with all the sleepy feeling and weakness and all those cranky feelings. But avoiding coffee is important during periods because coffee or any other caffeinated beverage can cause our body to retain more water which can lead to bloating and painful cramps. Don’t push yourself too hard, just cut down on your daily intake of coffee and you will see the result.

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7. Period Hacks by Avoiding Salty Food

Try to eat less salty foods when you are on your periods. Sodium rich foods or salty foods increases water retention in our body. As a result, we may suffer from period bloating and have to deal with uncomfortable heavy feeling. So, avoiding salty foods is must in order to avoid that uncomfortable feeling. Eat fresh fruits, veggies, lean meat, fish etc in place of processed foods which are normally high on sodium.

8. Period Hacks by Trying to Sleep More

Our body has to go through a lot during periods. And many of us find it difficult to maintain our normal sleep cycle. And as a result, we get a bit cranky and messed up and it also affects our choice of foods throughout the day. So, the best tip I can give you is to go to the bed an hour earlier. Try to sleep, and even if you can not sleep, at least your body will be able to rest and relax. Make sure you follow this very important period hacks to make those 4-5 days more tolerable.
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9. Period Hacks by Avoiding Cold Foods and Cold Drinks

When on periods, try to avoid cold foods and beverages. Drinking hot beverages will help to get relief from cramps and all and make you feel a little warm inside and much more comfortable. The same thing goes for foods as well.

10. Period Hacks by Using Apps to Track Your Cycle

This is a very, very important period hack. Due to our super busy lifestyle, we often tend to forget our period dates and cycle. There are quite a few apps available that can fix this problem. You can try using apps like Clue, Eve, Flo, Period Tracker, Pink Pad, etc. They help to track our cycle, hence you would know the reason for sudden mood swings and pre-menstrual cramps, etc.

So, these are 10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know. These period hacks will surely ease your life during periods and will also help you feel better. Do you know any such period hacks that can acts as our savior? Let us know 🙂

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