10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India

Coconuts have always been my favorite. Whether its about drinking coconut water or relishing its malai or getting a champi using coconut oil. Coconut has nourishing properties which benefits the skin, hair and the overall well being of the body.  It is filled with anti oxidants, MCT, Lauric Acid, Capric Acid which all together boosts immunity of the body against diseases and aids in weight loss too. While coconut strengthen and deep conditions the scalp and hair here are 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India which are filled with coconut’s numerous benefits.


OGX Coconut Water Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


As its name suggests it has an ultra- light shampoo enriched with the goodness of coconut oil and electrolytes. Essentially made for dull and lifeless hair as it hydrates and quenches the moisture and helps transform the quality of the hair. It cleanses hair extremely gently and adds life to dull and lifeless hair. Specifically made for rough and brittle hair prone to breakage.

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Sand For Soapaholics Shampoo Drunken Locks among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


This shampoo is made using blends of coconut oil, fresh beer, aloe vera and castor oil like ingredients. An extremely mild formulation which reduces frizzy and flywayay hair plus the goodness of beer which adds body to the hair. With the benefits of ylang ylang oil it calms down the body of stress while castor oil improves hair health and adds shine and bounce to the strands.

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Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Repair Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


Soultree uses chemical bases derived from natural plant extracts instead of petrochemicals for their products. This shampoo consists special extracts of hibiscus flowers and coconut oil. Coconut helps nourish and condition the hair while hibiscus adds strength to the strands. It has anti pollution properties and protects from further damage.  This shampoo being enriched with coconut extracts helps to make hair radiant and bouncy.

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Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


This is a herbal hair wash consisting the goodness of coconut and henna targets the issues of rough and damaged hair. While henna conditions the hair, Bhringraj strengthens the roots and coconut aids in deep conditioning the scalp and hair for healthy hair growth. Post use it gives soft, smooth and shiny hair and that too at an inexpensive price to pay.

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OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


This hair cleanser is enriched with the goodness of eggs and coconut oil. As hair is made up of protein, the protein of egg white adds nourishment to the hair follicles improving the hair health and coconut oil rejuvenate and adds moisture to the strands. It helps to balance the scalp and improves the elasticity of the strands.

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VLCC Hair Fall Repair Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


A shampoo which targets hair loss with the ingredients like coconut oil which rejuvenates the hair and adds shine, reetha and brahmi which strengthens the roots of hair, hibiscus improves the texture of hair and shikakai gives a deep cleansing action. It works on damaged and chemical hair too and adds a brilliant smoothness to the strands.

Oriflame Nature Secrets Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


A gentle shampoo enriched with coconut oil which hydrates the damaged and lackluster hair. It protects and strengthens hair in order to prevent hair breakage and bears a beautiful fragrance. It also contains the goodness of wheat protein which promotes the health of the tresses.

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Enliven Coconut Vanilla Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


This shampoo helps to make hair beautiful and smooth with the extracts of coconut and vanilla extracts. This is a healthy and natural solution which protects hair from the harsh rays of the sun, putting agents with the goodness of coconut oil. it adds a refreshing fragrance and its organic formula benefits all hair types.

Schwarzkoph Gliss Marrakesh Oil and Coconut Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


This shampoo helps reverse the damage of the hair with the goodness of Marakkesh oil and Coconut. It helps to fill into the hair shaft as it consists of repair innovation of liquid keratin. As promised it cleanses scalp of impurities, makes hair super smooth and adds radiance and shine to the hair without over drying the strands. This can highly benefit dry and dehydrated hair.

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The Body Care Coconut Shampoo among 10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India


An amazing shampoo which transforms rough and brittle hair which is prone to breakage and to shiny and smooth textured. This has luxurious foaming yet gentle formula which hydrates the tresses. Coconut being a hydrating agent makes hair silky smooth and bouncy.

That’s all for now! Let us know your favorite pick in the comments 🙂

Stay blessed 🙂

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