10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper

Every household has piles of tissue papers which if used in beauty hacks can actually save a lot of money. For example every person must keep a box of tissue paper in their bags to keep their face and hands clean and hygienic throughout. These tissue papers can help you keep your makeup in place and you would look fresh throughout. Today I will be sharing 10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper.

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – as Hair accessory

Hair accessories like floral clips, floral or bow headbands do not come with cheap price tags. Plus not always the desired design or color is available at a reasonable rate. Worry not, your problem can be solved using colorful tissue papers.

  • Cut a colored tissue paper or mould it into a flower or a bow to get the hair accessory you always wanted.
  • Take a bobby pin or a tick tack clip and paste the paper flower with a strong adhesive. Leave it for a day and your fancy hair clip is ready.

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10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – as Face Mask

With increasing stress and pollution blackheads and whiteheads are not the sole concern of not only oily skinned beauties but also others have to deal with these nasty skin disorders. Somehow most face masks and scrubs deal with either fighting off black heads or whiteheads that when egg tissue face mask comes to your rescue.

  • Apply egg white on the areas where you have whiteheads or blackheads or on the whole face. Using scissors cut out the eye, nose and mouth part from a tissue paper and put it on your face to cover up the mask.
  • I have whiteheads on my nose so I simply cut out the tissue paper of the size of my nose and cover it up after applying the pack.

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10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – for French Manicure

Yes you heard that right! A French manicure looks so magnificient but girls with shaky hands offen mess up the layers of the nail paints. Not anymore as a tissue paper can easily sort that out.

  • Simply cut out two strips one from any tissue paper in curved shape similar to shape of the partition of your nail plate and free edge. While applying nail paint on the free edge of the nail, hold one strip at the point from where the free edge starts. Use the other to apply any other color on the nail plate via placing it to cover only the free edge.
  • Similarly use tissue paper to wear nail polish without any errors like painting the skin along the nails.

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper, tissue paper

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – as Safety pin Support

Safety pins are inevitable in every kitty as they hold our their pleats, Duppatta in place. However many a times on delicate fabric this pin causes an unpleasant hole. Worry not just fold your tissue paper and insert it under your duppatta or pleat before using safety pin. This will protect your clothing from forming big holes due to the pin.

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – While applying Eye shadow

Many a times it happens that after applying shadow the extra falls on the cheekbones which again do not budge without messing up the makeup of rest of the face. Simply hold a tissue paper on the cheek and apply eyeshadow as usual. Once you are done remove the tissue. This way it does not mess the face makeup.

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10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – While applying Lipstick

  • Mattifying lips or locking the color onto lips is important to help the lip shade survive longer than usual. Simply hold and press a tissue paper in between your lips in a way to blot the lipstick with it. Remove it after a few seconds and apply second coat of the lip shade. This will hold the lipstick for longer.
  • One can also mattify the lip shade by apply your favorite lipstick and using a tissue to cover up the lips, dust some translucent powder over the lips. This will give a proper matte finish to your lips shade.

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10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper, facial tissue

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – to Blot extra gloss

Excessive layers of gloss can bleed and look unpleasant thus gloss should be applied in an appropriate quantity solely on the middle part of the lips to add that 3D glossy effect. Somehow if the lip gloss bleeds because of excessive application simple blot the excess with a tissue and it looks perfect

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – Alternative to facial sponge

Various makeup sponges are used in makeup as foundation application or blush applicator or for face contouring. A soft tissue when folded can easily replace your regular makeup sponge and give you equally great results.

  • Use a tissue to contour your face or apply bronzer or blush.
  • Absorb excess foundation or blush by dabbing a semi wet tissue on the area.

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10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – to draw Perfect Cat Eye

A perfect cat eye or Arabian eyeliner look needs practice. In the meanwhile one needs a base to hold the extra kohl so that these lines do not mess up the rest of the face makeup. Simply hold a tissue to the corner of the eyes while applying kohl. These will definitely do the needful.

10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper – Oil Blotting

Oily and sweaty skin does not look presentable and its not possible to use a face wash several time a day. This oil not only ruins your face makeup but also can cause breakouts. Though oil blotting sheets can do the needful yet they do not come at a pocket friendly price tag. A soft tissue paper after spraying some face mist when pressed again the skin for sometime can blot the oil and impart clean and non greasy look to the face.

Do let us know your favorite beauty hacks in the comments. Thank you 🙂

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