10 Amazing Beauty Hacks for Girls

10 Amazing Beauty Hacks for Girls – The festival is here and with it comes a lot of decorations, a lot of work and in this busy schedule, we tend to miss out on taking care of ourselves. So, let us learn about some beauty hacks which will come in handy during the Diwali, Christmas, and New Year party, both at work and at home. Stores like Mamaearth, Khadi, True Botanicals etc which offer paraben and SLS free organic skin as well as hair care products could also be a good option. Not only this, shop at Mamaearth during the festive season and you could get 20% off along with an additional 15% cashback using Mamaearth coupon codes.

Beauty hacks

10 Best Beauty Hacks

Here we have discussed about few amazing beauty hacks for the girls to put their best look forward, in every single occasion. Let’s move ahead with the hacks to help you become party-ready in no time with just a handful of products that are easily available on Mamaearth.

We all want to look our best in the least possible time, and this is when these beauty hack tricks come to save you both time and money. Let us learn some must-know beauty hacks:

1. Green Tea – We all have heard how green tea helps in losing weight, but little did you know that it acts as detoxification of our skin.  It helps your skin to remain flawless. Green tea eliminates redness and swelling, removing all dark circles. So make sure you include green tea in your daily plan and give excellent care to your skin.

2. Almond oil – While there are various options for oil types available in the market, you must try to use almond oil as it helps in fighting against pimples, while also being of great help in removing lipstick and other makeup products. All you need to do is pour a few drops of the oil on the cotton pad and rub it over your lips. While being under budget, it is also a time saver and popular make up remover.

3. Coconut oil – One of the most common problems that women are facing these days is hair fall. The constant coloring, ironing, and curling destroys the hair and causes the hair to become thin. Almond is a great option for your skin, coconut oil is best for your hair. Pour some coconut oil on your hands and massage the scalp with coconut oil for 3 minutes. The nutrients from the oil will feed the hair and make then healthy and shiny.

4. Coldwater – Hydration is necessary for the overall well-being of the body including your hair and skin. While you must drink lots of water, it is suggested that washing your face with cold water twice a week also is of great help. However, the hot water opens the more, which are later filled by bacteria causing pimples or blackheads.

5. The perfect lipstick – Some girls find it hard to use the lipstick in perfect shape. You can achieve this by using a lip pencil. If you apply a little powder on the lips after applying the lipstick, you can also make any correction and also avoid the lipstick sticking to your teeth.

6. Wake up routine – If you are having sleepless nights and the eyes are red or bloated do not worry, we have a perfect hack. Use the white shadow or white eye pencil in the corner of your eye, and under the eyebrow. The eyes will start looking clearer and more beautiful immediately.

7. Wavy hair – If you are bored of your straight hair, then opt for a curvy one. But no matter how much you try, the wavy hair does not stay for long. For this, the one amazing beauty hack hack is making some braids and press the hair straightener over them. When you open and spread these braids you will get a perfect hairstyle which will stay for long.

8. A good Mascara – Mascara promises you both volume and length of eyelashes, black color, and shine. However, the reality is very different. So, here’s a beauty hack to get the most out of our mascara. Use baby powder. Apply a coat of mascara. Then dip the cotton swab in baby powder and over the lashes and then apply the second coat. You will see the perfect results. Also, if you do not have mascara, you can instead use eyeliner.

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9. A perfume that lasts longer – No matter how much perfume you use, after some time the fragrance just vanishes. To ensure that the fragrance stays longer, here is an amazing beauty hack! Apply it immediately after the shower. As the humidity of the body after a shower will help in making the fragrance last longer. Also make sure that you apply the perfume in the perfect parts of your body, like behind the ear, on the neck, and on the wrist.

10. Adding volume to oily hair – Greasy hair doesn’t look good. But if you do not have time to shampoo, but have somewhere to go then this hack would come to your rescue! Apply baby powder on the roots before you go to bed the previous night. It will soak up the excess oil and remove the greasiness. In case you have dry hair, apply the baby powder right before stepping out of the house.

Each lady looks for beauty hacks that will make her look beautiful. In this article, we have combined and shared great and yet simple tips by famous dermatologists and makeup artists. If you are not sure which product to use, then you can choose Mamaearth products. They have a range of products that are skin as well as hair friendly and help you with overall nourishment and hydration.

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