VLCC Rose Face Scrub Review

VLCC Rose Face Scrub Review is post with my thoughts on Rose face scrub from VLCC. I love rose contain products just few days before I reviewed VLCC rose water toner from this same range. I am really impressed with toner. I always prefer Scrub type face wash because it removes my dead skin in daily basis due to this, I have little white heads on my nose areas. Rose make our skin soft and supple. Regular usage of rose toner, rose face wash makes skin super soft and supple which I like it. Rose also refreshes skin and gives naturally fresh feelings. So lets check it out for its VLCC Rose Face Scrub review.

VLCC Rose Face Scrub Review

Vlcc products always works good for me. I have used a lot beauty products from VLCC. Regularly exfoliation is the important to healthy skin and it becomes more important when You have oily skin which is more prone to whiteheads as pores clogged with dead skin and sebum are more likely to invite bacterial infection that may further lead to whiteheads. Recently, I came across this VLCC rose face scrub and as the scrub I was using was almost finished, so lets check my more review

Vlcc rose scrub face wash pack

Price of Scrub : Rs.150/- for 80 gm

Ingredients and Direction for use : ingredients of Vlcc rose scrub face wash

Color : Pink gel with lots of red granules in small and big sizes

Smell : Same like rose

Shelf Life : 18 months

Vlcc rose scrub face wash cap

What  VLCC Rose Face Scrub claims

Vlcc rose scrub face wash claims

Vlcc rose scrub face wash swatch

My experience with VLCC Scrub

It comes in very travel friendly packaging of tube. VLCC Rose Face Scrub tube is sturdy. this VLCC Rose Face Scrub looks like gel consistency. VLCC scrub has a lots of small and big granules of rose and walnut particles as per this VLCC Rose Face Scrub claims. Consistency is just perfect to wash face, its not like so runny or thick consistency. Granules are very gentle on skin so it hardly exfoliate my skin and after the scrubbing, the blackheads and white heads still stare at me. So What’s the point of buying a Vlcc scrub which cannot even exfoliate well ??!!  The VLCC Rose Scrub is actually gentle enough to be used as a daily face wash with very mild exfoliating properties. Its not lathers at all and i hate that face wash which not lathers. This VLCC rose face scrub rinse easily with water.

After using this VLCC Rose Face Scrub my skin not feel so fresh and cleaned face. Its just moisturized my skin and this VLCC Rose Face Scrub gives my skin little dewy skin glow for few 1-2 hr only. Smell of VLCC Rose Face Scrub is amazing like as its name means its smell of rose which goes off after few minutes of face wash. This VLCC Rose Face Scrub not harms my skin at all, its suits nicely. Its removes my excess skin oil from t zone so my face T zone not get oily for almost 2-3 hours.

Overall VLCC Rose Face Scrub moisturized my skin very well but Its very gentle on skin so it hardly exfoliated skin. Not works like as VLCC Rose Face Scrub claims. Its perfect for every day use.

Good about VLCC Rose Face Scrub

  • Rose, aloe vera, walnut extracts
  • Moisturized skin nicely
  • Rose smell
  • Little quantity requires to wash face
  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Gives dewy glow for few hrs
  • Good for all skin types
  • Perfect for every day
  • Gently exfoliate

Bad about VLCC Rose Face Scrub

  • Not lathers
  • Missing full ingredients list
  • Not removes blackhead, whiteheads
  •  scrubbing experience is missing

Availability :  easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating :  2.5/5  ♥♥•

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  1. Heena Raghav Khurana

    hmmm…. so although its not that great but looks delicious

  2. the color is so beautiful of the scrub 🙂 white n pink …:)

  3. It looks nice 🙂

  4. rose face scrubs are sparsely available, will check this out 🙂

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