Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap Review

Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap Review

Hi friends, Today is my post about Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap Review. Its brand new soap from Vivel. Kareen Kapoor endorsing this soap on television advertisement and her mixed fruit milk shake convince to brought this soap. but one thing  Kareena Kapoor looks so good in that advertisement. So take a look for this Luxury soap.

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Price of Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

Rs. 22/- for 100 g

Direction for using Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

Directly apply on wet body and create foam to clean your body,rinse with water

Key Ingredients of Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap


Smell of Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

mild Sweet milkshake type ( i love it)

Shelf life of Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

18 months

Color of Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

White and pink ( look like strawberry, vanilla candy)


What Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap claims

DOUBLE DELIGHT – a delicious treat for your skin. It is a unique two in one soap enriched with Mixed fruits, Cream & Vitamin E. It simultaneously nourishes your skin from the inside and gives it a youthful glow on the outside. Treat your skin to a fruity milkshake everyday for a youthful nourished glow


Feel about Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

Just because of attractive packaging and Kareena’s advertisement it attract me . This look so yummy because it looks like candy. I love its packing and look of soap. Its same works like other soap’s which was available in market may be just because of attractive packing  people may be bring it. Product claimed that its mixture of papaya, avocado, pomegranate fruit with milk that’s why its called mixed fruit cream soap. Its also has vitamin E added. Vitamin E nourishes the skin from deep inside.  This new skin nourishing range with Vitamin E under the Vivel brand is a manifestation of the growing consciousness among women towards personal grooming and the compelling need for nourishment. Works same like other soap nothing new in this soap but quit good in  Moisturization than other soap.

  • Vitamin E
  • Pink is Mixed Fruit = Youthful Glow
  • White is Cream = Moisturization
  • Skin feel fresh
  • Unisex soap
  • Affordable
  • Attractive packging
  • Good for daily use
  • Cleans skin well

Bad about Vivel Mixed Fruit Cream Soap

  • Smell not stay long lasting
  • Moisturization not stay long lasting
  • Not good for face

Availability:   Easy

Fashion and beauty Rating:  3/5   ♥♥♥

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