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Top 7 Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

Hi Beauties 🙂 My post is Top 7 Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage. In this wedding season I have come up with the idea that is struck in most of the “Bride-to-be” minds. You must be looking for the designs and patterns of lingerie that have to be worn on your very first night. When it comes to buying lingerie, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it should be Sexy. After all this is the first reason why women want to buy attractive lingerie. On this beautiful and immensed occasion you need to be very intimate to yourself as well as with your partner. However only focusing on good looking lingerie would not be beneficial because that must be comfortable in wearing also.
Top 7 Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

You must require to feel free to expand your choice regarding the perfect lingerie.For the instance,white and ivory colours have sweet sense of traditional wear whereas black looks super sexy.Pastel colours may also create a beautiful environment for your partner to enjoy more and more. At the same time bolder colours like Red, dark blue & dark green give you a powerful look.
One has to be careful & look for seamless styles to prevent showing the panty lines through your dress.Also try to keep  your upper and lower lingerie in one and the single colour that is it has to be in same colour o maximize your sex appeal. There are a variety of lingerie that fits for different body shapes and sizes.Keeping this in mind,it is very much important to choose the right lingerie that will make you look more attractive.
Here are some best designs that will help you find the perfect lingerie design while keeping quality and comfort in mind.

1. Lace Lingerie :

Lace is very much IN this season.It is very delicate also in terms of fabric.It can be a sultry feature to wear on your first night . A bra with a few textures of lace along with the border can create a sweet appeal but if someone wants to allow the full skin to show through,full lace bra may be helpful.

Lace Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

2. PUSH-UP Lingerie :  

These are very bold type of lingerie’s.If you want to show your cleavage,you may choose it.A good push up bra can enhance your bust without looking too unnatural.Bras with cotton, or pads can also create extra cleavage.it will be more naughtier.Here, it is suggested to wear G-Strings that may give much extra bold look.
push up Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

3. EMBROIDER Lingerie : 

If you want to go for such pretty & beautiful lingerie ,you may go for this one.Embroided bra comes up with beautiful flower,spiral and other textures on the top of it and also the lining goes with the straps of bra itself.It is very soft in touching and will not harm your dear one.
embroider Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

4. BODYCON/CORSET  Lingerie : 

This type of lingerie stick to your body completely and hides up your fatty bulges areas.If you are big busted with a small waist, most built-in bra sets will not work for you. Instead, look to a corset, which is much more customizable to your shape.Corsets can do wonders for trimming inches off your waist and also they are seductive, they actually cover much more than you would think. 
Top 7 Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

5. SHEER Lingerie : 

You require so much of confidence for wearing sheer lingerie as it reveals your skin.You can also draw attention to the area by experimenting with different colors, too. Black is a good contrast, if you are fair skinned, whereas white is a good contrast if you are more tan. No matter what your skin tone, his heart will stop for you if you come out in something red.
Sheer Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage

6. VINTAGE Lingerie : 

This is the perfect type of lingerie if you want to feel something royal in you.However it may kick your pockets as well.you can also match the colour of your bra with the colour of your skin or with the colour of your dress. This will give you the princess kind of feel.Mostly they come up with wonderful and stunning looking frills at the bottom of it as well as on the  inner straps. You may also go for boys-short-ups that covers your little thighs.
Vintage Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage


if you are in much playful mood then you may select this type of lingerie.These come up with large variety and combination of colours.As we all know that we girls want everything colourful. So our intimate things have to be in vibrant colours.C-Thongs are also a good option if you want to go bold with matching your colour styles in and out.
Top 7 Lingerie Designs for First Night after Marriage
Thats it girls ! Hope you all are feeling relaxed after reading this and it may helped you out .All the very Best for the better selection !!  🙂

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