The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base. Since primers got launched in the Indian market, the first impression was like it is just another useless layer. I saw many experts recommending it but never felt the need of picking one as I do not wear full face makeup every day. This remained with me until I went up to a beauty outlet and randomly asked the SA to swatch a primer for me. The results left me speechless and I wanted to get one badly. After a lot of hunting, I zeroed down on this base come face primer.

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base Review

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base is a bestselling product of The Face Shop, a South Korean brand which is against animal testing and utilizes organic ingredients and eco friendly packaging. This is a lightweight face primer with added advantage of SPF 30 PA++. Besides prepping face for a flawless and smooth makeup application, it protects skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. There are two shades available -the mint (01) shade primer neutralizes skin redness while the lavender shade (02) sallows skin tones. Let’s check out The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base Review below.

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base pack

Price of The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base : Rs.554/- excluding shipping

Directions for Use: After basic skin care apply a small amount on hands and spread evenly across facial surface

Ingredients :
The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base ingredients

Shelf life: Expiry date mentioned

Color : Mint green

Smell: Pleasant

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base opening

What The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base claims

  • Smooth texture makes blending easy
  • Completes transparent and bright complexion at the same time and protects against UV rays

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base swatch

My experience with The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base is a three in one product– a primer, natural makeup base and a sunscreen too as it has SPF 30 PA++. It comes packed in a decent white opaque tube. One needs to squeeze out the required quantity before use. Usually one wears a moisturizer then a sun protection and then starts layering the face with various makeup products but with this it is like being able to skip many layers and save the pores from the danger of clogging up.

Unless one has extremely sun intolerant skin, one can skip the sun block part and directly apply this over face moisturizer. When my skin is a little towards oilier side, I skip moisturizer as it is a moisturizing unlike a gel like primer. I apply it in dots and blend it immediately. Once blended it looks dewy on the face. On cool undertones complexion its a great makeup base cause it can neutralize the redness of the skin and imparts skin illuminating effect too. On warmer tones like Indian complexion, it looks ashy. The whitish cast can be covered up with anything from pressed powder to a foundation routine, so no worries.

As promised The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base holds makeup all day long and does not let the skin tan too. I left indoors at 9am and returned at 7pm, my makeup still looked decent. It did not break me out and has been working great as a winter primer. The other con is that as a base it will look ashy on yellow undertones and dark complexion. We need multi tasking products like this in our country but till then if you have any acquaintance living abroad do ask them to get some The Face Shop goodies for you because its totally worth it.

Overall The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base?is a great multi tasking product which is a primer, base and sunscreen in one. A must have for makeup lovers to seal their looks for the whole day without much layering.

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Good about The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base

  • Holds makeup like a primer
  • Keeps skin sun safe with SPF30 and PA++
  • Can be worn alone on cooler complexions
  • Neutralizes skin redness
  • Does not clog pores
  • Dewy finish
  • Blends easily
  • Not tested on animals
  • Widely available on all Korean websites

Bad about?The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base

  • The biggest con is the shade. It looks ashy as a makeup base on yellow undertones and dark complexion
  • Availability in India plus its hefty shipping charges

Availability: Not easily available in India

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5

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