Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review – Hi Beauties 🙂 Today I am back with Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review. Its damn hot in Pune currently. Temperatures are already touching 40 degrees. We need to be careful with our skin and hair. I have already increased intake of water by one litre and also, started avoiding fried and oily eatables. Not only this, there are some changes we need to make in our beauty products. Specially, sunscreen. Whenever we are out in the sun, it is must to use sunscreen every single time. Two months back, in an annual health check, I found that I am suffering from Vitamin D deficiency that is when I stopped using sunscreen for a while. But now that Vitamin D is under control, I am back to using sunscreen and currently I am using Suncote Gel SPF 30. And ya if, you are suffering from vitamin D, best way is to expose your body to sun rays.

Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

If you refer, some of my posts, before, you might know, that I was suffering from mild acne on and off. And I purchased a lot of products specially for acne prone skin or products which have no chemicals and are water based. One such product is Suncote Gel SPF 30, which I would review today. This particular sunscreen is from Curato and is easily available in most of the medical stores. So, let us look at the Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review.

Suncote Gel SPF 30 packaging, Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

Suncote Gel SPF 30 packaging 1, Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

Price of Suncote Gel SPF 30 :

Rs.299/- for 100 gm

Directions for use :

Suncote Gel SPF 30 direction for use, Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

Ingredients :
Suncote Gel SPF 30 ingredients, Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : Baby pink

Smell : Pleasant

Suncote Gel SPF 30, Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

What Suncote Gel SPF 30  claims

  • Suncote Gel SPF 30 is a water based sunscreen made by Curatio. Suncote sunscreen lotion is actually a translucent gel.
  • Suncote Gel provides UVA and UVB protection against sun’s rays preventing skin darkening / tanning, skin cancer and photo-aging.
  • It prevents further darkening of the skin due to sun’s rays.
  • Suncote Gel can be used by men. The SPF amount is good enough for Indian weather and outdoor use.
  • Suncote is safe for acne prone skin

Suncote Gel SPF 30 swatch, Suncote Gel SPF 30 Review

My Experience with  Suncote Gel SPF 30

Like most of the sunscreen tubes available in the stores, Suncote Gel SPF 30 is also available in tube size. It is a huge product for very little price. I am saying this as sunscreens are usually very pricey. It is a pink tube with a flip open cap. I carry some sunscreen in my travel pouch to office daily. The tube is very heavy to carry for work.

The consistency of the Suncote Gel SPF 30 is very light and gets easily absorbed by skin. It leaves skin a bit greasy, if you have oily skin. Since mine is dry skin, I am comfortable wearing the same. What I love the most is it can be used on face and body parts too. I always bought two sets of sunscreen earlier, one for face and another for hands and legs. But with this one, my money is saved to great extent.

I have been using this Suncote Gel SPF 30 tube since Jan, and hardly any amount is over. It should be last me 2 more months, very reasonable I must say. Suncote Gel SPF 30 is suitable for sensitive skin and acne prone skin too. I also share this cream with my husband. The product is water based and hence does not clog the pores.

Overall, I would say it Suncote Gel SPF 30 is one of the most affordable sunscreen available in the market. It is water based and can be used by acne prone skin as well as it does not clog pores. It is easily available online and in medical stores.

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Good about Suncote Gel SPF 30

  • Affordable
  • Huge quantity
  • Does not make skin greasy
  • Does not clog pores
  • Water based

Bad About Suncote Gel SPF 30

  • Nothing

Availability : Online and in medical stores

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 5/5

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  1. Even I buy diff sunscreens fr face nd body owing to the price factor , I must say this one will hlp me save money …thnks fr sharing 🙂

  2. Can we apply it immediately after washing face or do we have to apply mosturizer before using it?

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