How to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

Hello BHB family!! I am here with another new post – How to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga. We have all seen the trend which is the weight loss industry is going through these days. Everyone seems in a hurry to loose weight. Everyone has consumed so much of junk and we all have a number of unhealthy habits but all of this has jointly contributed to weight gain. We have gained a number of unwanted fat deposits in our body which is not only affecting our appearance but also making our morale down too.And since we all are in a rat race these days. Everyone wants to do thing fast. Nobody neither has the patience nor the will to stop and give a bit time to things.

How to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

So, what people are looking for these days is short term gains. And similar is the case with weight loss too. People are looking to reduce weight as fast as possible. But let me tell you something loosing a lot of weight very soon is not the way out. It is actually very unhealthy. You need to give your body a bit of time to get adapted to the efforts you are putting to reduce weight. Thus, we recommend you to begin with some of the easy home based ways to reduced weight. Browse on the following list to know How to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga.

Surya Namaskars to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

Tips to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

It is a set of 12 postures which involves sun saturation. All the postures need to be done one after the other. Each posture targets to a specific body part. If you want to reduce weight overall then it is the best exercise. This is a very popular weight loss exercise practised widely by our bollywood celebrities. It is advisable to begin with at least 10 sets of surya namaskars every day.

Skipping Rope to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

This is the easiest and one of the fastest way to reduce weight. You just need to jump ropes in the confine of your homes. There are various variations of skipping ropes. You can do it with one or all two legs together.

Climbing Stairs to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

All of us have stairs in our house. And the amount of pressure you give to your body while climbing stairs is too good. Try to climb at least 100 stairs every day. You will see your legs and thighs getting toned in no time.

Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga


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Spot Jumping to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

This is another very easy exercise. Just keep jumping at one point. This is not very intensive but very good for your body. It tones your body and helps in removing the calories. Also, it does not require much of the space.

Stretching Exercises to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

This is very effective to reduce fats from the sides. There are various types of stretching exercises. You can do anyone as per your choice. Also, looking into the wide variety of options available for stretching exercises you can also go for spot reduction. You can target any specific body part and do stretching for that only in particular.

Easy ways to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

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Burpees to Reduce Weight in Home with Yoga

It is another warming up exercise. It is a set of 5 different positions which needs to be done in continuation. It is the combination of squats and push ups. If you can manage to do atlaest 10 sets of burpee each day then you can easily loose 100 calories minimum every day.

So, this were some of the best and easily doable exercises. This all does not require any special equipment so can be done in the confines of your home. Let me know your favorite exercises in the comments down below.

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