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This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

Periods have different kinds of effects on your body. With some women the belly bloats whereas in some you get pimples on your face. But I am sure you might have heard that it also has some not so good effects on your hairs. Greasy hair, hair fall, split ends, sensitive head – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair. And if you think that you are the single one facing this issue then I think you are wrong. Don’t worry. Many of us face these issues and so, let’s see what are some of the major issues your hair faces in “THOSE DAYS”. This is How Period Messes with Your Hair – check out below!

This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

Greasy hairs – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

We all know that there are some major hormonal changes when you are PMSing. And those hormonal changes effects your hair for bad. There is an increased level of testosterone in your body and thus it leads to more and more oil secretion. This will in turn affect your scalp and hair length and make them more oily and greasy. As a result of this your hair can turn flat and dull also very soon. So, make sure you devise some ways to get rid of this oil issue every month.

Sensitive head – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

Now, with an additional oily hair and scalp you also get the super sensitive head. You can feel scalp and every hair strand of your head. So, if you are planning to go for any chemical treatment at that time or even blow dry then I suggest you to abandon it for some more days.

This is How Period Messes with Your Hair - split ends

Hair Texture Affected – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

I am sure any one of us would have ever imagined that periods determine your hair texture. Well, it’s not that it determines, but yes, it influences for sure. Now, see we know that hormonal changes effect many things on our body including our hairs. and so the hormonal changes before and after periods affects our hair texture too. When you are done with your periods then the estrogens levels are highest in your body and so you will be enjoying fab hair health at that time. Whereas when your periods start approaching your body has higher levels of testosterone, and that means bad hair day.

Hair fall – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

Hair fall is a major concern during periods. The major reason behind the hair fall is that, hormonal changes and blood discharge causes your hair to break and thus your hair fall is more than other days. So, don’t panic when you see more hair strands on your hair brush that is only for few days.

This is How Period Messes with Your Hair - greasy hair

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Split ends – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

Let me summarize you that during period days, your hair health really deteriorates. Since your hair fall will increase thus you will be left with dry hair ends. And this will again increase split ends. So, make sure that you regularly trim your hairs just before your period commences so that your hair ends will remain healthy.

This is How Period Messes with Your Hair - hair fall

Length Gets Paused – This is How Period Messes with Your Hair

During those 5-6 days, your hair length gets paused. Have you ever felt that your hair growth is normal in other days and when you are menstruating, your hair growth pauses. Well, yes blame again to hormonal changes in your body. they does this to you.

I am sure after reading you might be thinking that periods are really bad for your hairs. Yes girls This is How Period Messes with Your Hair. Well, if you take proper care and precautions during those days, then they can definitely help you in the long run, in order to maintain the lustrous health of your hair.

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