Patanjali Body Ubtan Review

Hello Girls 🙂 Today is my post about Patanjali Body Ubtan Review. You know na friends I love Patajali products and they are really awesome and they works like wonder for me so whenever I went to patajali shop, I brought a lot skin care things for me. Patanjali products are natural and free of chemical. Basically Every woman dreams for a perfectly flawless skin or body. Even we spend so many bucks on buying those products. However, we often ignore some really simple and easy Products which can do wonders to our skin. Yes I am talking about Patanjali Body Ubtan which is known for good body cleanser, wondering how so lets check it out this Patanjali Body Ubtan Review.

Patanjali Body Ubtan

UPTAN is the one of a great and age old thing for a good body skin and its an Ubtan. It is known for our rich Indian heritage. It is an age-old and traditional method to get glowing and healthy looking body skin. It is the most trusted, tried and tested method for treating your Body skin that works like a charm. Uptan contain lots of good things which help to give us a healthy looking body skin but sometime its quiet bored thing to make it at home but Now worry not because Patanjali came with Body Uptan so lets check more about it.

Price of Patanjali Body Ubtan : Rs.60/- for 100 gm

Ingredients and Using direction for it :

Patanjali Body Ubtan ingredients

Smell : Camphor and herbal mix

Shelf Life : 9 months

Color : Bright Yellow

Patanjali Body Ubtan pack

What Patanjali Body Ubtan claims

Patanjali Body Ubtan claim

Patanjali Body Ubtan powder

Patanjali Body Ubtan paste for body

My experience with Patanjali Body Ubtan

This Patanjali Body Ubtan comes in a packet so its important to store it in an empty dry container. You can use this packet to wash your body for almost for 5-6 times. just 3- 4 spoons per wash is sufficient. What you have to do just make a spreadable consistent paste and just spread on body and rub it gently for almost 2-3 minutes. Even you can use this uptan for your face too. This Patanjali Body Ubtan smells like camphor which really gives a nice experience of bathing. This smells does not stays with me for a long time so that’s quiet disappointing because its really smells nice and I love camphor smell. This Patanjali Body Ubtan rinse easily. This Patanjali Body Ubtan does not provide any foam or lathers like soap or shower gel. After every use my skin feels soft and radiant. My skin does not feels dry at all and even I skip my body lotion too because it really moisturized my skin deeply. But just in a winter days any one needs a body lotion and that’s totally normal. Even this Patanjali Body Ubtan cleans my skin deeply which helps to remove a tan and dead skin. 

I have not seen any big difference on my body blemished and dark spots at all. So ya I can say that this Patanjali Body Ubtan is good to get that soft and radiant skin but does not removes blemishes and dark spot totally. May be daily use of it and almost finishing of Patanjali Body Ubtan’s 10 packets will removes dark spots and blemishes. If your going to be a bride soon then use it regularly for a radiant skin.

Patanjali Body Ubtan is no doubt, that its a wonderful product for body skin. The ingredients too are natural and easy to use also. So, now you know the easiest way to get Radiant and beautiful body skin. I am surely going to include an Ubtan in my daily body beauty regime. And same I would recommend you too.

Good about Patanjali Body Ubtan

  • Affordable
  • I packet gives 5-6 baths
  • Easy to use and rinse
  • It makes skin Radiant and soft supple
  • Removes Tan and dead skin
  • Smell so good
  • Makes bathing experience awesome
  • Perfect for Men and women
  • Natural ingredients use
  • Free from chemicals

Bad about Patanjali Body Ubtan

  • Not removes blemish or dark spots
  • Packet packaging needs storage containe with spoon

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. I had been eyeing this product each time i went to store to get aloe vera gel. Will grab it next!

  2. This sounds great,I did not even know that this product is available at such a reasonable price. I will give it a shot for sure, and let you know how I feel about it 🙂

  3. I have never used ubtan for my skin, i think this will be a good try 🙂

  4. ya its good uptan try it and I am sure u will love it 🙂

  5. Never used an ubtan before, but will definitely give it a try 🙂

  6. an Ubtan at this price is great ! will have to look for it 🙂

  7. can i use this on face? it wil b risky to use it on face bt is it ok to use once in a week? My skin is sensitive with slightly oily T zone.

  8. body ubtan can be use on face
    Yes or no

  9. mam mere skin bhot dark hai plz koi patanjali product btaye jisse mere skin fair ho jaye.

  10. can we use on face or only or body 🙂

  11. But the color code on this ubtan powder is black which stand for a chemical product. So how can it be a natural product?

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