Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Hey girls Patanjali products addicted girl is again here and Today I am sharing my post on Patanjali Body Lotion Review. I love patanjali products a lot. They all are natural and made with no chemical at all. Patanjali products always works for me and even now I am also blindly trust on this Patanjali brand so I keep trying them in my regular life. I have super dry skin so I used body lotion in all season to keep my skin nourished and moisturized so every second week I try new body lotion for my dry skin so let’s check it out more about this Patanjali Body Lotion Review.

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

I very fond of body lotions due to my dry skin. These changing weather conditions can adversely affect on my skin’s natural moisture content and leave it feeling dry. Provide an organic infusion of moisture to my skin and keep it feeling supple come, rain or wind with the Divya Patanjali Tejus Body Lotion is only in my mind. This body lotion is ideal for men and women. It has nice natural ingredients which really helps to moisturized my skin for long last. check more for its results

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Price of Patanjali Body Lotion Review : Rs.60 for 100 ml

Direction for use and Ingredients : Just apply after bath skin

Patanjali Body Lotion ingredients

Color : Light peach

Smell : Herbal medicine with a weird smell 

Shelf life : 18 months

Patanjali Body Lotion

What Patanjali Body Lotion Claims

Patanjali Body Lotion claims

patanjali body lotion swatch

My experience with Patanjali Body Lotion

First of all Patanjali Body Lotion is super affordable and its easily available. Patanjali Body Lotion comes in white sturdy packaging with white flip flap cap. Packaging makes it travel friendly. Consistency of Patanjali Body Lotion is little thick than regular body lotion but this Patanjali Body Lotion gets absorbed on skin very fast and it doesn’t gives any greasiness to the skin at all. Patanjali Body Lotion makes skin instantly moisturized and nourished. After every use of this Patanjali Body Lotion,my skin feels soft,supple and hydrated and its provides long lasting moisturized skin almost for 24 hr so when I used this Patanjali Body Lotion that time I am totally sorted from my dry skin. It also has lots of natural ingredients like aloe Vera, Apricot, Wheat, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Proteins. Vitamin E, a good antioxidant, protects my skin from free radicals while the Aloe Vera, Apricot and Wheat in this Nourishing Body Lotion ensure that it is infused with a dose of moisture and always stays soft. Just little quantity of body lotion covers my whole body which means it will goes long with me. And Patanjali Body Lotion is super light weight lotion.

Just one thing that I don’t like about it and that’s its smell which I really hates, It smells like mixture of lots of herbal ingredients so combination of all it makes it little weird. This weird smell gives me headache instantly because i have very sensitive nose. This smells not stays with me long last but still I can’t use it because of weird smell.

Patanjali Body Lotion is a lightweight lotion that has a non-greasy texture so that your skin stays soft without having an oily layer deposited over the top. My body’s water content is restored and the skin stays perfectly balanced and hydrated for long last. But I hate its weird smell. Its highly recommended Body lotion but if you have sensitive nose like me then just skip it

Good about Patanjali Body Lotion

  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Chemical free
  • Contain Natural ingredients
  • Makes skin soft, supple, nourished, hydrated for long last
  • Gets easily absorbed
  • Little quantity required
  • Light weight lotion
  • Perfect for all skin type
  • Non – greasy
  • Skin feels moisturized for long time

Bad about Patanjali Body Lotion 

  • weird smell gives me headache
  • Sensitive nose will hate it

Availability : Easily available.

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. lotion without chemicals ! that nice and interesting.

  2. At least, it is not loaded with chemicals..

  3. I don’t hv a sensitive nose.. So I can try dis out 😉

  4. m heading to patanjali shop next to try this out

  5. I should give patanjali products a try for sure!

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