Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review a vibrating cleanser from Neutrogena and is Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser Review. My morning starts with a face wash because that adds freshness to my day. In my skin care routine what I stress upon is cleansing because I spend hours in the kitchen and when I come out, my face becomes excessively oily. Although cleansing lotions and weekly scrubs keep the face bright and clean yet there is a line of difference between efforts put at home and undergoing a professional treatment. Not every time a parlor clean up is affordable so here I bring a good alternative to parlour treatments and that is a vibrating power cleanser.
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Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser Review

Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power cleanser is a beauty device for deep cleansing of the skin. It is safe even for daily use and is dermatologically tested too. The vibrating motion cleans the skin ten times better removing all oil, dirt and makeup. The product is gentle and the vibrations actually give a soothing feeling. The foaming pads provided along contain the cleanser so one does not need and additional face wash. Also it is very safe to  be used under the shower.

Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser ReviewPrice of Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser : Rs.899/-

Ingredients :

Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser IngredientsDirections for use

How to use Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power CleanserShelf life : Not known

Color : White and pink

Smell : Pleasant

Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power CleanserNeutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser lookNeutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser What Neutrogena Wave Power Vibrating Cleanser claims

Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser claimsNeutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser pads

My experience with Neutrogena Wave Power Vibrating Cleanser

The Neutrogena Power Cleanser has a plastic body and is very lightweight which makes it easy to operate as well as carry around. The size and shape is appropriate and sleek making it perfect to hold it in a fist. I find the packaging cute with pink in white color combination. There are foaming pads provided along with this power cleanser which is to be attached on the top of the cleanser. As the top has a rough surface, thus its easy to stick the pad in that. The pads being tensile do not tear easily and are appropriate for one time use after which the pad is to be discarded. Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser is battery operated which needs to be changed from time to time.

All one has to do is attach one foaming pad on the top of the power cleanser and put in under the tap to wet the pad and activate it. Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser is absolutely safe to be used under the shower too. Next the power button has to be turned on and the cleanser starts vibrating. Using the pad surface on the skin, one can clean it by moving it in the way of cleansing the skin like forehead, cheeks, side of nose and chin  and so on. One does not need an extra face wash with this as the pads itself have the cleansing lotion in them. After a few mintues when it creates foam , the skin is to be splashed with water.

On washing it off the face looks cleaner and brighter but the most striking feature is the softness it adds. Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser is sureful powerful enough such that it deep cleanses the skin and cleans it like a professional parlour clean up. Not only the dead skin is removed without the use of a scrub but also the smooth effect stays for long. With continued use I have seen my blackheads reduced to a great extent. On drying the skin a mild moisturizer can take care of the dryness it creates. Thus apart from removing oil and dirt, Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser makes skin baby soft too. Its just that the pads provided are only enough for two weeks if used regularly. However I feel Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power Cleanser is too strong to be used everyday so one can use accordingly.

Overall Neutrogena Wave Power Vibrating Cleanser is extremely good for getting smoother, softer and brighter skin like that of a professional face clean up. It cleans skin ten times deeper and removes all impurities and is clinically proven too.

Good about Neutrogena Wave Power Vibrating Cleanser

  • Cleanses skin thoroughly
  • Skin feels softer and smoother
  • Glow stays on
  • Lathers moderately
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Battery operated
  • Works equally well with a scrub
  • No need of a separate face wash
  • Costly yet extremely affordable compared to a parlour cleam up
  • Clinically proven
  • Safe for everyday use

Bad about Neutrogena Wave Power Vibrating Cleanser

  • Overuse may do harm so one needs to use as per their skin

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5  ♥♥♥♥•

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