Mehandi Designs for Bride

Hey all beautiful readers and would be brides, today my post is Mehandi Designs for Bride. These Mehandi designs are peppy, classy and get very traditional. You will love to apply mehandi on your hands for your “D” day. Now without much ado I want to take you through the beautiful designs. Just have a look on them girlsJ. Mehandi is an essential part of an Indian traditional wedding and we have a separate function called Mehandi function generally 2 days before the wedding. We use the grounded henna leaves and eucalyptus oil to make the paste stay long on the palms and the hands. We can also use kattha to make the color more deep. In general after application of the Mehandi, we rub sugar syrup with a cotton and lemon juice to make the color darker. Different region people apply different color adhering agents. It all depends on the effect & experience. Sometimes you don’t need anything to make the color stay deep, as the quality of Mehandi (henna) might be very good. Best quality henna should be used to avoid any irritations or allergies to the skin. Now just have a look on the designs.

Mehandi Designs for Bride

Bridal Mehandi is the most famous one in India with the palm and generally half of the hand is carved with Mehandi designs. Sometimes the Mehandi design goes up till the arms. Depending on the designs and the wish of a bride the extent of designs are carved on her hand.

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We will also find the grooms names or initials hidden within the design on the bride’s palms. It is considered a ritual that on the first night groom should be able to search his name or initial on the bride’s palm. It’s a fun filled ritual and we Indian just love to create this type of hidden initials on the bride’s palms 🙂

traditional Mehandi Designs for Bride

Bridal Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehndi Design

royal Mehandi Designs for Bride

Use of Mehandi or henna is a sign of good luck and festive occasion. We also put Mehandi on groom’s palms and brides legs as well during a wedding. Legs and foots are a must along with palms and full hand for Mehandi these days.

Mehandi Designs on legs for Bride

Mehandi Designs on legs for Bride

Mehandi Designs on legs for Bride

The Mehandi ceremony is an integral part of an Indian weddings and every woman of the family and relatives apply Mehandi on their palms during the Mehandi ceremony before the bride’s wedding.

Mehandi Designs for Bride

rich Mehandi Designs for Bride

The polka dots and four-leaf clovers

The swirls and pistachios

The stripes and hearts

Completes every pattern of Bridal Mehandi

Just a few words of caution for would be brides:

Always remember that 100% pure Mehandi/henna which is traditional and derived from plants, has been used for thousands of years, and is the ONLY safe Mehandi/henna. This Mehandi gives out a color that is orange, burgundy, brown or coffee.

Mehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for Bride

Black Mehandi/henna is never safe. Using it will put your skin at risk. Remember, pure Mehandi/henna derived from plants is never black!

Some Mehandi/henna artists use camphor or white flour oil to get a dark stain. Avoid this. Try to stick to pure Mehandi/henna without additional oils (except nilgiri oil) or additives of any kind.

Mehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for BrideMehandi Designs for Bride

Girls, hope you like my post and I hope to get your designs right and show the world your best hands. Get your hands and palms nicely manicured and bleached before the Mehandi ceremony.

Have a great start to your wedding i.e. your “D” day.

Do write to us to express your views and comments. Till then Tada 🙂

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