Makeup for Big Eyes

Makeup for Big Eyes – Hiii Dearies!! Eyes play a vital role in our makeup. Indian girls are more or less obsessed with eyes. We all love big eyes. In fact Indian girls are famous for big eyes. But still we know more tips and tricks on how to make them larger. But have you ever thought of what Makeup for big eyes should girls go with??? Well, very few people talk of that. So, here we present you with some of the surely to be tried Makeup for Big Eyes.

Makeup for Big Eyes

Makeup for Big Eyes

Shimmery Eye Shadows

Shimmery eye shadows are meant for big eyes. They really make your eyes stand out. Just a bit of glitter and shimmer and you eyes will look really great.

Mascara the Lower Eyelashes

Mascara the Lower Eyelashes

This is another must have Makeup for big eyes. Maybe you can skip using mascara on the upper eyelashes but don’t ever forget to apply eyelashes on your lower lashes. This will give a beautiful definition to your eyes other than just being all bulging and big.

Using a White Eye Shadow

Try to prep your eyes with a white eye shadow first. Since you have quite bigger eyes, you must be having really smaller eye lid area. A white eye shadow will bring out the lid area and makes your eyes look much prettier. So, this will be a very important Makeup for big eyes.

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Highlight the Brow Bone

White eye shadow is such a versatile product. You can also use this on your brow bone. Just apply the eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyes and just above your brow arch. It will beautifully highlight your brow bone making your Makeup for big eyes extremely stand out.

eyebrows should be properly groomed

Eyebrow Game Going Strong

Your eyebrows should be properly groomed and in shape. Since you have bigger eyes that is the focal point of your face. So, don’t forget to regularly groom your eye brows and take care of them.

Blend Blend Blend

blend the eye shadows

Blending is the key to makeup. So, that’s the same for eye makeup too. You need to blend the eye shadows beautifully in order to make the eye makeup really stand out.

Go for Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

If you have bigger eyes they are meant to flaunt and not to just keep them simple and boring. Go for brighter and poppy eye shadows always. But girls smokey eyes are meant for you. You will just look amazing with these smokey eyes.

Dark Eye Shadows

I know everyone go for poppy or bright color eye shadows. They make you look really chic. But have you ever thought of wearing darker eye shadows. Well, darker eye shadows are meant to bring out the sharp features in your face. They give an illusion of shadow to your eyes and face.


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False Lashes

Who doesn’t love sexy long lashes. And that is what the false lashes are meant for. They will bring out the sexiness and oomph in your eyes. but if you are not comfortable with applying false lashes then you can also go for volumizing and lengthening mascaras like Maybelline great lash mascara and L’Oreal Paris Voluminizing mascara.

False Lashes and winged liner

Love the Winged Eyeliner

Big eyes are generally very bulging and without any shape. So, try to go for a more defined look with winged eyeliners. They will give beautiful shape to your eyelids and make them really stand out. Also, try to be a bit lighter on your lower eyelids too.

So, that was all about the Makeup for big eyes. Hope you like them. Let me know if any of you have ever tried this in the comments down below.

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