Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SPF 40 Sun Block Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review a popular sun block cream in the Indian market and that is Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40.  A sun block is that wonder which if generously used over the years not only protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun but also cuts down years of aging. A good sunblock is one which suits the skin type it is formulated for, is sweat resistant and shields skin against UVA as well as UVB rays. This is where a sun block earns more points than a sunscreen as the latter needs frequent reapplication which is not always possible especially outdoors.
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I prefer a sun block which gives a matt finish and does not make me start sweating the moment I apply it. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40, 3 in 1 daily matte sun block claims to provide sun protection, skin lightening and mattifying. Its spf value is appropriate for all round the year whether it is used in peak summers or cloudy days or in the chilling weather. Being formulated with kaolin it clears out skin in the long run and glycerin takes care of providing moisturization at the same time.

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Price : Rs.225/- for 100 gm

Ingredients and Direction for using :

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Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Beige

Smell : Fresh smell.

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What Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40 Sun block claims

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My experience with Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40 Sun Block

I have been using Lotus Herbals Safe Sun spf 40 for months now and had totally forgotten to share this with you all. Given a chance I would tell everyone to use this particular sun block for the perfection it has in it. Starting with the consistency of the sun block, it resembles a regular foundation. Initially it seems to be difficult to blend because it might not suite all complexions but once spread it comes out to be thin and seeps into the skin. It does not provide any kind of coverage so one shade is not bothersome for anyone whether fair or dusky.

As Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SPF 40 Sun Block is very thin, it does not feel heavy on applying. It does not cause any extra sweating like other sun blocks do. Only one drop is required for the entire face and one is sorted. It claims to protect skin from UVA as well as UVB and contains PA +++ which is a rare feature in other sun blocks available in Indian market. On applying Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SPF 40 Sun Block the face looks even and smells so fresh. The finish it gives is matte as claimed which does not make one look cakey. Also there is no need of compact after using this. However dry skinned people essentially need a moisturizer under this.

As higher spf value sun lotions are said to be carcinogenic, so doctors prescribe lotions which are at least of spf 30 and Lotus Herbals sunblock spf 40 is appropriate for every day out in the sun. Even after a long day I do not find sun burns or uneven and tanned skin. All one has to do is wear it on top of the skin a few minutes before going outdoors and this prevents sun damage for really long. After excessive sweating or swimming, one is supposed to reapply. Also Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SPF 40 Sun Block contains some really good ingredients like kaolin which help clear skin of impurities. Thus Lotus fulfills all 3 claims including skin lightning via prevention of skin darkening caused by sun tan and sun burns.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40 Sun block is essentially the best seller in the market of sun blocks. It fulfills every claim it makes from protecting skin from both UVA as well as UVB rays to keeping it matte and balanced. Neither does it cause sweating nor make skin oily even after a long time. This is highly recommended to every sun block lover.

Good about Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40 Sun Block

  • Provides protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • Has good ingredients
  • Matte effect
  • Does not cause sweating
  • Does not feel heavy
  • refreshing smell
  • makes skin even and smooth
  • does not break out the skin
  • does not make skin oily after a few hours
  • suitable for all skin types
  • affordable

Bad about Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Spf 40 Sun Block

  •  Nothing

Availabilty : Easy in cosmetic stores and online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 5/5  ♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Nice review and this summer I am gonna switch to Lotus SPF 40 from 90 because higher SPF darken the skin….

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  7. piyali toshniwal

    I have been using this , but it dint work much for me πŸ™ . I got badly tanned while in vacay πŸ™ good review boudi πŸ™‚

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