Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque Review

Hello Readers, My post is Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque Review. Most of us are into frequent styling and coloring of hair. Since I started getting my hair colored and even styled with heat on special occasions the texture of my dry hair went on from becoming dry to damaged and lifeless. In fact the frizziness also got increased and holding a hair style for a long time had become next to impossible. To control the situation I switched over to heavier oils to retain the moisture into my hair structure but right after a wash they look lifeless as before. That’s when I started looking for alternative to oil.

Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque Review

Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque is enriched with Argan oil and cotton seed oil which intensely nourishes hair with moisture. Hair looks so shiny and the need to touch again and again. In India where access to Argan oil is not easy we can always use products which contain a blend of such oils and the whole Mythic Oil Range is an example of the same.

Price of Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque : Rs.800/- for 200ml

Ingredients and Directions for use :Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque direction and ingredients

Shelf life : 12 months

Color : White

Smell: Refreshing

Loreal Mythic Oil Hair MasqueWhat Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque claims

Loreal Mythic Oil- Indulge in the Ultimate Oil Ritual. Featuring in-salon and at-home products designed to balance the natural oil levels in the hair: cleansed at the root, nourished at the ends.

Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque swatch

My experience with Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque

Before starting let me tell you that I have dry and wavy hair which over the years due to coloring, highlighting and styling has gone from being dry to damaged. Detangling and flyaway hair are the main concerns of my hair besides the dryness. Although I oil my hair twice or thrice a week still the moisture does not get locked into the strands. For once I even thought of getting a treatment done but stopped myself thinking after the after effects and further hair damage. At the counter the SA suggested me to try this looking at my pathetically frizzy hair.

The consistency of Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque is rich and creamy such that one can mistake this for a massage cream. Jokes apart the fragrance is heavenly and fortunately it stays back post usage. Currently I am using a herbal shampoo and teamed up with this hair masque. I apply Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque whenever I shampoo my hair which is like twice every week. Always make it a point to apply conditioning products on towel dried hair as directed on the pack. Simply squeeze out the excess water gently with a cotton stole or towel from the hair by putting your head upside down. Then coat the sections of hair with this masque just like a conditioner.

The best part which makes Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque an unique product is that it is to be kept solely for 3 minutes unlike other masques which require 15-20 minutes to give results. After washing it off I let my hair for air drying. Just like a wonder masque it makes my tresses incredibly soft and calms down the frizziness to a large extent. Detangling hair becomes easier as the strands are smoother and less prone to breakage. Earlier whenever I detangled my tresses I needed a light hair oil or serum to make it an easier process. Now the effects stay for a few days after which the smoothness fades away little by little. Overall the hair looks well maintained and healthier post application.

Overall Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque adds life to dry and damaged hair, post application hair looks smoother and healthier and this effect stays on and on. Highly recommended to girls who hate oiling and are looking for a better alternative.

Good about Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque

  • Moisturizes hair exceptionally well
  • Needs only 3 minutes to give best results
  • Great for hair maintenance
  • Makes hair healthier and smoother
  • Lesser breakage
  • Frizziness calmed down
  • Detangling easier
  • Effect stays for a long time
  • Hair smells great
  • Not affordable but worth every penny.

Bad about Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Masque

  • Although it is not a con actually but it is not meant for nourishment of scalp.

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5  ♥♥♥

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  1. Oh this seems MY KIND of product….Nice review

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  3. wao..it looks worth spending some bucks on..

  4. I m facing hairfall problem.is it work for me?

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