How to Look Beautiful All The Time

How to Look Beautiful All The Time – Hi friends..for all my beautihameshablog’s reader this post will tell you how to look beautiful all the time. No girl has to be descriptively beautiful to look gorgeous and attractive all day. More than looks it actually depends on how you feel from inside about yourself or how confident you are about your appearance. Here are some very easy beauty tips and ideas which will not only highlight every girl’s most important features but will also instill much more confidence about oneself.

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Eyes: One of the most beautiful features of girls is her eyes. It conveys many more thoughts than words do. It is very important to highlight your eyes. Use some good quality non smudging tear proof eyeliner. Try “KOHL” look for change.

Soft Lips: Chapped lips not only turn off other people but also indicate unhealthy lifestyle. Use lip balms, milk creams, eat raisins etc. Including these in daily regimen will give you soft sensuous lips.

Eyebrows, upper lips & Waxing: Always get rid of unwanted hair as soon as possible. Nothing turns off a guy off as unwanted hair does. Thus it is very necessary for every girl to go salon on time.  Avoid waxing on cheeks as waxing takes away the sheen of skin.

Manicure & Pedicure: Do not feel guilty about regular spending on these in salon. Dirty andunmaintained nails look really unhygienic and bad.

Accessories: Do not think that those swanky accessories available in market are only for those pretty girls. Accessorize your look. Go for multicolor bangles, chick clutches, hair bands, beads, necklaces, hoops.

Smell nice and dress accordingly: Do not blindly follow what is in and what is out. Wear what compliments your figure .Use mist every time after bathing and wear perfume for sure.

So friends Now i knows u will follow this super easy steps to look beautiful all the time…. 🙂

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