Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

Hello girls!! I am back with another new post – Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka. After a short gap, Kareena Kapoor is back and this time in a very cute role. Ki and Ka is an upcoming movie starring Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor in lead role. Kareena is looking stunning in the role. She looks much younger to Arjun Kapoor in the trailer, and they both making a stunning pair. In the movie, Arjun Kapoor takes care of the house while Kareena Kapoor is working professional level. The movie is directed by R Balki. This post will decode Kareena look starting from Kareena’s no makeup look to Kareena Kapoor in business formals, Kareena Kapoor accessories, Kareena Kapoor black and white outfits and everything else.

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

In recent movies of Kareen Kapoor, she has not looked so gorgeous. In this movie, she is grabbing eyeballs with the loose soft curls and her beautiful eyes. The main attraction of the movie is I feel the wardrobe Kareena has chosen. She is portraying the role of Marketing person and she is looking absolutely stunning in the business formals. If you are working professional and looking for a change in wardrobe, this is the place where you can take inspiration from.

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor in different Look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor in all black in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka 6

Kareena has experimented with whites, peach, blue and black. The shirts are short sleeves to full sleeves, and she has experimented everything. It is not only shirts, but even the dresses are in monochromes colors. She has experimented white shirts with military grey color trousers. White tunic with black pants. White blouse with black skirts. Any combination you say, and she has tried it with an ease. I loved her black coat with black trouser and black bag with black boots. Oh lovely!!!

Kareena Kapoor sweater with trouser Look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor wearing polka dots shirt in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor in casual look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor in racer back tee in Ki and Ka

She has teamed sweaters with the trousers. It is looking great too. Not only this, Kareena has also tried polka dots shirts on trousers. Even the night pyjama is so pretty. Its has white stars on it. Not only this, racer back tees are also Kareena’s favorite in the movie.


Tips To Style Like Kareena Kapoor Khan

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Kareena Kapoor Look in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

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Kareena Kapoor wearing a big metal watch in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

Not to forget the accessory. She has beautiful huge metallic watch. And a tip, if you are wearing business formals, a big metal watch goes well with the attire. After looking at the trailer, even I am inspired and will surely make some purchases in the coming days.

Kareena Kapoor makeup in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor makeup Look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor makeup Look in Ki and Ka

About make up, its again no make up look. Kareena is already fair and she always prefers minimal makeup. A bit of foundation and some pinks and mauve for lip color and she is ready to go. No hair styles too, and she is ready to take over her role.

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor Look in Ki and Ka

Overall, I am very impressed and inspired and would love to steal some wardrobe ideas soon. Kareena has yet again proved she has best dressing sense and she is killing this look as well. The movie will release on April 1, 2016. Team BHB wishes good luck for the movie.

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  1. I love how fresh she looks even with increasing age. Colors look realy pretty on her. Nice compilation!

  2. She looks so natural and yet classy…very much like her look in ek mein aur ek tu

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