Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin?

Hello BHB girlies! On BHB we share different makeup products, techniques and tutorials but this time I will be talking about something different – Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin?? Yes, topic may sound a little out of the league but yes, today I am going to tell you about a few reasons why you don’t need to wear makeup every single day. You need to opt for a fresh face and skip that face loaded with makeup, because life you know will not end if you go that way. It will turn out to be more beautiful and satisfying that way. If you are not convinced yet, read the details below –Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin?

Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin

Makeup You Wear Need Not be Good for Your Skin

yes, we prefer wearing makeup of high end brands, because we don’t need to harm our delicate skin. Even the makeup labeled as, “healthy for skin” may take a toll on your skin. We feel more confident with a hint of concealer and a little liner but it is not doing any favor to your skin but exposing it to toxic chemicals.

Fix Your Blemishes and Spots Rather than Covering Them

Many of the times we cover out zits and blemishes with concealer, but doing it regularly is a bad practice, rather the makeup will seep into the pores of skin and resulting in more acne, blemishes. So, for healthy glowing skin, don’t cover up or blemishes with makeup it will only make your acne worse. Instead you should cure them.

Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin, no makeup look

Show Your No Makeup Face to Everyone

Yaya! I know you must be thinking I am joking or something, but it’s true! I feel weird on asking somebody, “why do u look so different today?” and realizing later that is because they are not wearing any makeup today! If you always go out showing your face covered up with foundation, concealer, liner, and blush every one may be surprised seeing your no makeup face and that may look weird. So, on regular basis try going with more fresh face, make people accustomed to your makeup and no-makeup face to skip the weirdness and save your makeup for some special occasions when you want to look really good! Although you should do what you like, how you feel about yourself .

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Embrace Your True Self

Either you are young or growing old there are times when you should resist makeup. Youngsters are always in a rush to begin wearing makeup. I myself loved doing it. But now I love the days when I can ditch my makeup and have a “fresh and great face day”. Also, if you are old there is nothing bad to show up your lines, and wrinkles! Embrace your imperfections! Love yourself the way you are. There is nothing bad in getting old and letting the world see it.

Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin, minimal make up look

Embrace your flaws, initially you will feel exposed because there is no makeup to hide you. But you know what, no one looks at your little imperfections except you! Those who like and adore you will love you either way!

Makeup is Expensive

Hell yes! Makeup is very expensive and we ladies know it very well. And if it is a little cheap we take it to be of poor quality and loaded with chemicals. Do one thing, take out your vanity or makeup bag and take out each and every cosmetic you have and sum up how much money you have actually spent on those products. And I bet you the sum must be insanely high! Yes, I don’t tell you not to buy stuff. That is our birthright I feel! But we should rather spend on the ones that we really need. Think of the money you could save if you go out fresh face once a while.

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Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin, bare face

You Look Much More Better in Bare Face than You Really Think

Everyone has his or her flaws and deep down you need to accept it and move on with it! That small pimple right above your eyebrow, nobody really cares about it! So don’t give your flaws much importance. Also, never allow anyone to judge solely on the basis of how you look just because they have different perception about how another person should be present. Make peace with your soul and your body image. Ditch that makeup of yours and go out, take some fresh air. You will love it!

Yes, You Are Beautiful

Looks are not everything and no one is perfect. Regardless of makeup everyone is beautiful in their own way. Overloaded with kindness? This is what I needed at some point. At the end whether you wear makeup or not, what matters most is the thing that makes you more happy or comfortable. Opinion of others should not really matter. If you feel confident about yourself, others will see confident you and be more impressed. The one who loves you will love you regardless of your flaws. So, just love yourself.

Is Wearing Makeup Every Day Bad for Skin, Beautiful without Makeup

There was a time when I never used to go out without any makeup, but now I feel really comfortable in my fresh face and yes, I save makeup for my special days. And do work to get a better skin naturally! Therefore, we should opt for a fresh face than loading our face with lots of makeup religiously!

Idea of ditching makeup may not be good for every women here, so let me know, how many of you go with this view of mine! Also, if you saw any changes in yourself after you ditched makeup? That’s it for now, stay BeautifulHamesha 🙂

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  1. if u apply daily makeup then its also important to remove it properly before going on bed otherwise it will harm u

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