Is it Possible to Get Clear Skin without Cosmetics

Is it Possible to Get Clear Skin without Cosmetics? Of course!! How one can even think that beauty is impossible without any products!! Don’t you remember those times when we were not aware of chemicals but have found many ingredients to keep our beauty alive? I remember my mother telling about my grandmother’s beauty and how she always looked flawless and naturally beautiful without any chemicals or beauty products.

Is it Possible to Get Clear Skin without Cosmetics

Now I didn’t mean that if I am not using chemicals so I am talking about paraben and SLS free products. See these things are new to us, few decades back we were not aware of these chemicals. When I am saying that you can have a clear looking skin without using chemical, I mean totally dependent on home remedies. I am going to tell you how you can wash out dirt from your face and have clear looking skin with your kitchen ingredients. So here goes the answer of Is it Possible to Get Clear Skin without Cosmetics.

There is not one but hundreds of option available to you. I have summarized up some really common and easily available ingredients.

Is it Possible to Get Clear Skin without Cosmetics, home remedies to get Clear Skin without Cosmetics

  • Try out rice water to wash your face
  • Try to make a paste of yogurt with honey and salt, mix it well and apply this paste evenly on your face. Rub with it gently and rinse it off. If you have oily skin tries some lemon drops too.
  • Simply cut lemon in two pieces and rub your skin with it. It is known that lemon is natural bleach.
  • Take some gram flour, few drops of lemon, 1/2 tomato or its pulp, pinch of turmeric if you have acne. Make a paste out of it and simple massage your face with it.


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Is it Possible to Get Clear Skin without Cosmetics, clear skin

I try all these alternatively. They suit my skin really well. For your knowledge I have a combination skin type with some acne problem too. This is not end, there are many recipes starting from face wash to face mask you can make everything at home. These are reliable and chemical free. These will give your skin instant glow

They will never result in pre mature ageing, not only this but they will prevent your skin from ageing. I have added few ingredients in this recipe which really helps in tightening of skin. It helps my skin to stay away from wrinkles. Not only this, but it also helps in removing tan. What you say girls? Do you know any cream which will give you so many benefits?? Seriously I dont find any.

Tell me what your call is. Beauty with or without cosmetics??

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