I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ?

I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ? – Dry hair is a mess. Taking care of dry hair is one of the biggest issues in life. I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ? People think that dry hair is very easier to manage than oily hair. But no, you need to have knowledge of correct products for dry hairs. Then only you will be able to maintain them and look gorgeous at the same time. Dry hair is basically your normal hair with dry texture or less or in fact no presence of hair oils. But you need to be cautious with the quantity and the product choice else you might end up making your hair oily, volume down and limp. So, following are some of the best ways to take care of dry hair. Have a look at the list and know I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ?

I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ?

I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ?

Hair Oils

Hair oils

Hair oils are the first and foremost thing for dry hairs. if dry hairs are regularly oiled then they will behave better and the overall hair texture will definitely improve. So, what are the best oils for your hair?? Coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil is some of the best options for dry hair. These days there are variety of essential oils also available. So, you can mix them as per your choice and make your own hair oil. But remember regular oiling your hair is the key for dry hair. Never shampoo without oiling your hair. If it’s not overnight oil for some hours only.


Dry hair beauties should choose their shampoo with care. Try to choose moisturising shampoo or the one which has major ingredients as the moisturizing one. Also, avoid shampoo which has too much of chemicals as it makes your hair more dry. Also, avoid shampoos that claim to reduce dandruff or increase volume as they dry out your hair more.

moisturising shampoo and conditioners

Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioners are a must have for dry hair. Shampoos can dry your hair a bit but hair conditioners are meant to nourish your hair more. They treat dry ends of your hair making them look much more healthy and shiny. But again the trick with hair conditioners is the time factor. So, be sure that you have to leave them for a good 5-7 minutes then only it will nourish your hair.

Hair Masks

Hair masks

Another best hair care product for dry hairs. Hair masks are similar to hair conditioners but with much thicker texture. And you can easily apply them in home too. These days there are number of options available in hair masks. So, you can buy as per your choice and apply them in the comfort of your home.

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Hair Spa

Hair Spa

Hair spa is the luxurious but ultimate remedy of dry hairs. I feel salons are best for hair spa. As they have experts guidance there who will assist you and advice you the best for your hairs. Also, hair spa is not only a solution for dry hairs but it nourishes and beautifies your hair like anything.



Hair steam is another popular treatment for dry hairs. You need to take regular steam so that your hair gets nourished properly. What a hair steam does is that it opens up the pores of your hair and thus the natural hair oils start circulating. This will improve your hair texture a lot.

Hair Massage

Hair massage

Another household technique for dry hairs. Massaging is targeted to increase the blood circulation of your hair. So, if you regularly massage your hair with any essential oil at least once a week then it will improve the hair texture beautifully.

So, this were some of the tips and hair care products which should be a staple if you are blessed with dry hairs. Now you know I have Dry Hair but still they Look Shiny and Healthy How ? That’s all for now. Take care 🙂

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