How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples

Hello girls!!! Summer becoming hotter these days and just because of the heat, pimples are bursting out on the face. But I have a trick to control my pimples and its redness. Girls now you can get rid of pimples easily at your home. So today I am going to tell you about How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples. Cold lemon is one of the best ways to remove pimples from your face. It also removes the heat and the puss from your pimples. So check out How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples.

How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples

How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples

  • Take one lemon and refrigerate it. When it becomes cold, cut it into slices and use it on your pimples. You can scrub with these slices and can remove your pimples. Leave it for 10 minutes then wash it from your face.
  • Take some slices of cold lemon and place it on your pimples. You must do it at night. Remove the slice after 10 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water and apply some night cream on your face.
  • Take some grated cucumber and add some curd in it mix it well. Then take some slices of cold lemon, then dip it on the mixture and place it on your pimples. After 15 minutes, wash it with warm water. Use some cold cream on your face.

How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples, lemon

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Benefits of Cold Lemon

  • Removes the pimples instantly
  • Removes the redness and puss from pimples
  • Provides cool temperature
  • Removes the pollution, dirt and bacteria from the skin cells
  • Gives fresh texture to skin

How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples, fresh lemon

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So now you know How to Use Cold Lemon for Pimples as well as its benefits. It works perfectly on your skin and makes your face fresh and bright. Lemons are very beneficial for your skin cell.  You can try these tricks daily for good results. It doesn’t react on your skin and gives a good glow. So make your skin healthy and pimples free with cold lemon.

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