How to Prevent Ingrown Hair

Girls today I am going to tell about How to Prevent Ingrown Hair. This topic is very different but I guess all those ladies who are engaged in regular waxing, shaving, epilating wants to know that How to Prevent Ingrown Hair. It is something which is out of our control, I mean you can prevent them but it’s not like that you won’t have them again. Make it sure that whatever you do, if you keep on waxing and epilating, or shaving you will have to face these ingrown hair issue. Now the question arises, How to Prevent Ingrown Hair.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair

So I am going to tell you some simple and experienced steps, I have experimented some of them and they are effective. Let me tell you they will not completely prevent them but yeah you will see the effect in a single shot. I am trying out these from few months and now I think ingrown hairs have been reduced to quite extent. So let us see How to Prevent Ingrown Hair.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair, waxing

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How to Prevent Ingrown Hair, epilating

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair

  • Always make sure that when you are shaving you hold the razor perfectly at 90 degree, trust me this technique do works.
  • Try to change the blade of your razor frequently, because dull blade is one of the reasons behind the ingrown hair.
  • Never ever put pressure on razor, because it neither will pull out the ingrown hair, nor will prevent them. Instead it will give you cuts.
  • Always exfoliate your skin before waxing, it will remove the dirt accumulated in the pores and it will help to pull the hair from its root. See if there is dirt then it will prevent the hairs from pulling out by clogging the pores.
  • It is advisable to have a warm water bath before removing hairs; it will open the pores and will prevent any ingrown hairs.
  • You can choose tweezers for removing the ingrown hair, just make it sure that you sterilize them before using.
  • Always use good shaving foam; it really works when it comes to prevent ingrown hairs.

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So girls keep these points in mind next time when you wax or epilate or shave, and see the effects.

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  1. I am agreed that using good shaving form really gives smooth skin and also get gid of ingrown hair

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