How to Minimize A Large Forehead

A large forehead is pretty embarrassing for us girls. As a woman, we want well balanced distribution of spatial planes on our face as it is very important when it comes to beauty. A large forehead can actually detract from your otherwise proportional facial features. A high forehead can be a result of hair loss or genetic factor or certain types of brow lift surgery. If you have a large forehead, you automatically become very much self conscious and constantly worried about which hairstyle or makeup to wear in order to camouflage the large forehead. In this post, we have tried to come up few ideas on How to Minimize A Large Forehead. So let’s check out!

How to Minimize A Large Forehead

Go for bangs to minimize a large forehead  

This is the easiest way to hide your large forehead. In fact, bangs or fringes can actually give you a new look altogether. They look pretty cooler than normal, boring hairstyles. Bangs look great on most of the face cuts, but people with large forehead can literally smash it. So go for large, rounded and heavy bangs that will almost touch your eye brows.

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Avoid straight hair to minimize a large forehead

Styling your hair in different ways can actually help you transform your look. Girls with large foreheads should avoid sleek, straight hair because it will actually make your face look longer. Instead, opt for hairstyles that have lot of layers and wave as it will make your hair look bouncy and thick. The texture and body of the hair will draw the attention away from the large forehead.

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Wear head bands to minimize a large forehead

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Fashion accessories such as head bands, bandanas, scarves and hats are great way to hide a large forehead. Wear a stylish headband that occupies at least a couple of inches of your wide forehead. Try to learn innovative ways to wear scarves and bandanas to cover part of your forehead and moreover, they will also break the monotony of everyday hairstyle. Get a funky summer hat and wear it in such a way that it’s tilted to your more flattering features.

Avoid pulled back hairstyles to minimize a large forehead

Pulled back hairstyles can actually make your forehead look bigger and flatter and make your hairline recede further. So if you are looking for ways to hide your large forehead, then stay away from high ponytail or other pulled back hairstyles. Always opt for messy and loose hair.

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Dramatic eye makeup to minimize a large forehead

If you are tired of wearing hat and bandanas every time to hide your large forehead, then do up your eyes in dramatic fashion. Give your brows an arched shape and go for vibrant eye shadows and kohl for your eyes to appear bold and beautiful. This will make your forehead appear smaller than they are.

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Foundation technique to minimize a large forehead

This is a more subtle version of face contouring. Use two shades of foundation – one should be a shade darker than your skin tone and the other is a shade lighter. Apply the lighter one on the centre of your face and the darker one along the shape of your face. Dot foundation sparingly and blend, blend, blend. Make sure there is no line on your jaw-line. This technique, when done correctly creates a soft effect that draws attention towards the centre of your face and helps to hide your large forehead.

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Change your parting to minimize a large forehead

Avoid middle part as it will automatically draw the eye up. Opt for side parting to draw the eye away from large forehead.

Bold lips to minimize a large forehead

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This trick works if you have medium to full lips. Wear a bright red or berry shade lip color to pull the focus away from a large forehead. And don’t forget to smile! Color on your lips also helps to prevent the ‘monochrome’ look, because if your face is all neutral, then automatically your large forehead will stand up!

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A large forehead is not something you should be ashamed of. But yes, it does feel odd especially when everyone else is staring at you at any outing or function. With these above mentioned tricks, you can certainly downplay your large forehead and look more beautiful 🙂

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