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How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick

How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick – Hey gorgeous ladies, Today I would be talking about How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick. Well, you would think why short hair? Then let me tell you that short hair has been in trend these days and everything from bob to pixie is going to be the first taste of every stylish woman. It is very difficult to glitz up with your extremely short hair and especially if you don’t have enough time for maintaining time. The best part of the short hair is you don’t need to spend much maintaining them, but the negative side to this is you really struggle while you have to attend parties and you have the same hairstyle to carry everywhere. Find curling your short hair difficult? Well girls, here are some tips to know How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick.

How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick

How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick

Using a Curling Iron

Using a Curling Iron

A curling iron is the best way to curl your super short hair. But before you start using the curling iron on your hair, you need to remember few tips in order to avoid a mess latter. You need to keep your hair clean and absolutely dry. Using a curling iron on wet hair can lead to hair damage and unsatisfactory results. You need to apply very small amount of styling gel or wax that will help to set your hair and make your curls go longer. You should avoid using hairspray before curling your hair. Hairspray should be used towards the end when you have finished doing everything.

Using Pins

Using Pins

When you want to get curls, get your hair washed with the type of shampoo and conditioner you often use. Make sure that if you are using conditioner, it becomes difficult to hold your soft and silky hair in those pins. Now allow your hair to dry completely and use a blow dryer to make sure your scalp is absolutely dry. Now take a small amount of mousse and apply on your hair. Mousse helps to hold your hair for longer and also make your hair appear good. Now place your finger and separate a section you want to use. Keep your fingers in between and wrap your hair around your finger up to the head and hold on for few seconds. Now use a bobby pin or salon clip to secure your curl to your head. Start using this with each set of hair and use a spray bottle to spray some water on your hair. This will allow you get better curls. Now allow your curls to dry and wait for several hours. Once you feel your hair is dried once again and you have waited for several hours, open your hair pin one by one. If your hair is not dried and you are in a hurry, make use of blow dryer for that.

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Using a Flat Iron

Using a Flat Iron

You can also curl your short hair using a flat iron. All you need to do is wash your hair few hours ago and allow it to dry completely. If needed, use a blow dryer and make sure it dries off completely. If you have shoulder length hair wash the same day and if you have extremely short hair, a day old hair can give you a better grip. Now separate your hair into sections and use a flat iron to curl your hair. You should always use a heat protection spray before curling your hair. Now take a clip and grip all your hair together and secure it tightly at the top of your head. Now grab smaller strands and use a flat iron on them once again. The slower you do, the better and the tight curls it would be. Make use you use a hair spray at the end so that it longs longer.

These are the ways of How to Curl Short Hair Super Quick. I hope you found it helpful.

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