How Safe is Dyeing Hair?

Long, luxurious locks is the ultimate sign of feminine youth and beauty. To enhance the beauty of our hair, we often opt for hair color or hair dye. Hair color not only saves us from the embarrassment of grey hair, but it is like a fashion statement these days. We choose hair color that matches our personality. Thinking about getting a makeover? Hair color is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to get a new look altogether! But How Safe is Dyeing Hair? As much as we love hair color, there’s no denying that most of them are loaded with chemicals that can be extremely harmful for not only hair, but our overall health!

How Safe is Dyeing Hair

So what to do? Should we abandon hair color then? Nope! Actually the adverse affect of hair dye largely depends on the frequency of the use and quality of the product! Here, we will discuss about some of the beauty woes that might happen due to not choosing the wrong product of dyeing hair too frequently!! Let’s take a look!

Dry Brittle Hair

Brittle hair can be the result of frequent use of hair color. The harsh chemicals present in the hair dye actually strip the hair off its natural moisture. And when the moisture of the hair is lost, it makes our hair dry, brittle and more prone to breakage. Plus, when your hair is dry, naturally you find it difficult to manage and set. Overall, it becomes a mess for us.

Hair Discoloration

You must be wondering, how hair color can results in hair discoloration!!! Strange, right? But it actually happens! Hair dye has bleaching effect. So if you frequently change your hair color and been doing this for a long time, chances are that you might face this hair discoloration issue. Hair color contains bleaching agent and too much use of this can turn your hair brown or yellowish.

dry and brittle hair due to hair coloring

Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is the main reason of itchy scalp. Right, but there are other reasons of itchy scalp that we often overlook. Hair dye is one of them. The coloring chemicals often results in itching of the scalp. If condition worsens, burning sensation, flaky scalp, scalp allergy, redness can also happen.


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The sudden breakouts are bothering you too much these days? And you don’t know why this is happening? The answer is probably hidden in your hair dye. Hair color contains a chemical, known as Resorcinol, which disrupts hormonal function. This can cause sudden breakouts. Moreover, this Resorcinol is also harmful for eyes.

Acne breakouts due to hair coloring

Skin Pigmentation

People who dye their hair frequently, often suffer from pigmentation of scalp and forehead area. Once again, your hair dye is the culprit here. So stop coloring your hair so frequently and use good quality color.

So girls, think twice before opting for hair color. I am not discouraging you at all, but be sure to use good quality hair color and please don’t color your hair too frequently in the name of experiment. Opt for the natural options, they can give you the desired look without doing damage to the hair. Love your hair and your hair will love you back 🙂

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  1. omg Kiran thats scary. but whats the solution to grey hairs 🙁

  2. I simply put it this way, how so ever you can justify the dyeing, chemicals are never good for your hair. Nice pointers.

  3. I always knew that dyeing hair is not good…but was not aware of so many scary facts…

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