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Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo Review

[kkstarratings]My post is about Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo Review. Damaged hair always stands the risk of hair fall and every second girl suffer from damaged hair and then they also suffer from hair fall. So lets take a look for know more about this shampoo. I saw a head and shoulders commercial advertisement on television and it said for healthy hair you needed a healthy scalp. After using many different shampoos, including expensive salon products, I decided to give head and shoulders a try even though I do not have a problem with dandruff. I purchased the anti hair fall shampoo.

Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo Review Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo

Price of Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

Rs. 70/- for 80 ml

Key ingredients and Direction for using Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

Head & Shoulders Shampoo Review

Shelf life of Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

36 months

Color of Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

creamy yellow

Smell of Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

very decent perfumed smell ( i love it )

Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall

What Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo claims

This unique formula ensures that nourishment is given to the areas of damaged hair that need it the most.

Head & Shoulders shampoo

Feel about Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

I always had a problem if dandruff occurs it makes my hair fall for sure. So due to dandruff some time hair fall irritates me . But after using it really finished my small dandruff problem and for me if dandruff finished then no problem of any hair fall. This Shampoo comes in regular white and blue cap with bule flip flop opener with sturdy bdy, and shampoo look like mango shake color and smells great. Its consistency is perfect not so thick and not so runny and its also have conditioner formula which also condition hair.

Head & Shoulders has always been known to free people from the menace of dandruff and now you can enjoy control over hair fall as well. With the hydrazinc technology, the shampoo eliminates dandruff effectively and ensures you are relieved from scalp irritation and itching caused due to the presence of dandruff. With a unique smart care andconditioning system, this shampoo is what will revive damaged and dead hair to a state of lustrous texture.

This is an amazing product which cleans dandruff as well stop hair fall and gives soft and smooth hair and I would reccomend it to anyone who was suffering from hair fall due to dandruff

Good about Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

  • Stop hair fall, dandruff in few use
  • Requires less quantity
  • Affordable
  • Also condition hair
  • Gives Soft hair
  • Easy to carry

Bad about Head & Shoulders Anti hairfall Shampoo 

  • Contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which always not good for hair

Availability : Easy 

Fashion And Beauty Rating : 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. [email protected]

    I havent tried this one but after seeing your reviews, I will surely buy it..Thanks 🙂

  2. The product sounds good Kiran 🙂 need to get it for my hubby 😉

  3. Both of u can go for it 🙂

  4. i wil definitely try this!

  5. good will pick this next time !

  6. sure

  7. i have been using this shampoo since my childhood. it is just perfect for lazy bum like me

  8. Nice review!! 🙂 I will try it then!

  9. Even i am using it.. And its very good especially if you have curly dry hair.. It treats dandruff and keep hair moist..

  10. prajakta pednekar

    I have lot of hair fall and now I have very thin hair so will it be suitable for hair fall as well as for making them thick as before

  11. My year long hair fall stopped after using this.

  12. My hair was very long and thicker, I used head and shoulders shampoo for many year ….but after looking many adds I changed my shampoo.. after changing shampoo i recognise that my hair was loss, my thick hair become thin. bcz of changing shampoo… it was nearly 1 and half year ….do I get my hair back after switch to my older one head and shoulders shampoo😣 …. pls give me a solution 😞

  13. My hair is very long and thick… I use hand and shoulders shampoo for many years….but after seeing many adds I changed my shampoo. Slowly my hair become thin and shorter, finally I recognise the loss of my hair…. 1st I should stop my hair loss… do I switch again to head and shoulder, (it have been nearly 2 years )… do it works??? Again????

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